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Sensory Activities - Muffin Tray Animal Rescue

Sensory Activities - Muffin Tray Animal Rescue

This fine motor activity uses a muffin tray, an age old tool used by Occupational therapists everywhere. For good reason, because the Muffin Tray Rescue  activity is the perfect fine motor activity and source of  sensory stimulation.

We can go on forever on what the Muffin Tray can be used for, but if you have animal figurines, or lego figurines  even laying around your house this activity will be super easy to set up. The only extra thing you’ll need is some painters tape!

To start simply put your animal or lego figurines in the muffin compartments. Then with your painters tape,  place your tape in a diagonal fashion covering as many compartments as possible. Ideally you would want at least one x of tape per compartment.

Super simple however when your child tries to pinch and pull the tape off, they’ll be practicing a pincer grasp. The stickiness of the tape as well will provide a new tactile sensory stimulation which your child may not be used to. You’ll be surprised at how long this will keep your child occupied for!

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