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Pasta Snake Fine Motor Activity + Free PDF Downloadable

Pasta Snake Fine Motor Activity + Free PDF Downloadable

Pasta Threading is perfect at home fine motor activity for any child - promoting hand - eye coordination, bilateral coordination and concentration, this activity when paired with our Printable PDF Snake Cartoon guide adds another layer of fun and challenge for your child

What you will need:

  • Pipecleaners
  • Rigatoni Pasta (or one with wide holes)

You’d be surprised at how captivated little toddlers are by this activity. Your child will gain tactile sensory stimulation from rubbing their fingers along the pipe cleaners and will feel some proprioceptive input from the resistance in the pipe cleaners as well!

This activity also promotes fundamental graps such as the pincer grasp whenever your child picks up the pasta and threads it on to the pipe cleaners- the ultimate fine motor activity in a “pinch” (hehe bad pun…).

With the printable down below you can also work on some visual motor planning with your child as they warp, bend and twist the pasta body to finish off the snake's head! All in all the Pasta Snake FIne Motor Activity is robust sensory activity which will give your child a sense of achievement as well!

Download The Free Printable Here!

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