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Senso Minds

What We Do?

Senso Minds is creating a line of sensory products that will help children remain calm and focused in their overwhelming environments

Our Mission

Children with sensory needs are mislabelled. Their actions, mannerisms and behaviours, are misunderstood. But the truth is, they are being forced to conform to a world that wasn't designed for them.

At Senso Minds we believe that it is time we design the world to fit the needs of these children, rather than forcing them to fit into a world that wasn't meant for them.

Meet the Team

Patrick Angara

Inclusion Instructor & ABA
B.Sc, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour,
Research Assistant

Ajitpal Grewal

Marketing & Supply Chain
B.Eng, Electrical Engineering

Mark Suan

Product Development 
B.Eng, BioMedical Engineering

Ryan Ticlo

B.Sc, Computer Science

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Social Responsibility

When children experience abuse or witness domestic violence, it can result in PTSD, anxiety and issues with emotional regulation.

Senso Minds' products have already provided a sense of safety, calm and sensory regulation to some of these children, and we want to do more.

Therefore, for every 10 products purchased, 1 will be donated  to Womenspace, a non-for profit serving thousands of women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Senso Minds products have already brought calm and emotional regulation to several children. 

Womenspace aligns perfectly with the Senso Minds mission in designing a world that is beneficial for all children.

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