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Top 7 Teethers for Teething Babies For Sensory Stimulation

Top 7 Teethers for Teething Babies For Sensory Stimulation
Teething sucks, there's not doubt about that. The endless crying, sleepless nights & countless instances where your child will mouth anything in sight will have you spending hundreds of dollars. Here at Senso Minds, our community comes first - we know a thing or two about teethers, so we're giving our top 7 list of teethers which we feel will support your teething babies best!

Nuby Teethe-eez Teether – It comes with a convenient case which you'll be able to take it around with you and it’s way more sanitary, and you can place it in your freezer/fridge and it gets nice and cold and feels soothing on baby’s gums. Bonus for parents, it’s $4.99 so just in case it gets lost, it’s not horrible to replace.
Alvin the Elephant Snuggly Puppet - one of the more under-rated teethers, it's one which you can easily hang off a diaper bag. It’s a cute very little snuggly puppet, and the ears and trunk are amazing for chewing.
SweetTooth ice cream Cone Teether – The fun little ice cream design makes this the cutest teether which we love here at Senso Minds. Like any food inspired teether, once your little one is holding a Sweet Tooth Ice cream, it'll look like they're actually eating an ice cream cone which is the absolute cutest thing!

Little Toadler Waah’ffle Teether – Just like the Ice cream cone, the textures and form of this foodie inspired teether is the absolute cutest.
Sophie The Giraffe – This is a house hold classic which will always find itself on any list. The legs are the perfect length to teethe on and the cute giraffe design is a timeless!
Coffee Cup Teether – Perfect for any caffeine addicted momma, the Coffee cup designer is the absolute cutest. The rattle inside of these coffee inspired teethers will keep any baby occupied


Veggie Inspired Teether Tubes - Lil' Foodie Chew Teether Tubes are definitely new & an unorthodox type of teether - but their cute foodie inspired bodies will be sure to engage any teething baby. The Long Tube design is able to reach the back molars of any teething little and provides the deep molar impact which can truly soothe teething gums. The hollow tube design compresses just enough to soothe gums and the Therapist advised sensory textures provide just enough sensory stimulation for babies.



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