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Sensory Activities - Egg Carton Shoe Tying

Sensory Activities - Egg Carton Shoe Tying

Eggs are a household staple every family will stock. However, before you throw out your egg cartons, know you can use them for several DIY crafts & activities! In this article, we'll be showing how you can turn any old egg carton into a shoe tying toy for your child. Focusing on crucial foundation skills that transfer over to actual shoe tying.

To start, you will need an egg carton, at least two ribbons or string, and a pair of scissors (or something sharp). Using your scissors, pierce holes into each egg compartment.

The egg carton will provide a strong base for this activity. Egg cartons are designed to protect eggs and can withstand various stresses and strains! They make the perfect base for your shoe tying tool, as your child is free to manipulate, twist and turn the carton as the experiment and try to thread the ribbon through the holes.

The holes and size of the box are wide enough to allow the child to successfully weave in the holes giving a sense of achievement while still building up fine motor development, visual planning skills and foundation grapes such as the pincer grasp.

So before you throw out that carton after a plate full of scrambled eggs keep the cartons and see what other sensory activities you can do with them!

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