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Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer

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Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer
Sensory Ocean Wave Projector Kit - Includes Motion Bubbler Timer

Designed for children who struggle to fall asleep, Senso Minds' Sensory Ocean Wave projector makes for the perfect sensory night light. The calming light patterns and soothing colors will be sure to ease the anxieties and stress of sensory seekers during their bedtime.

  • Speaker comes with four soothing white noise soundtracks as well as a 3.5 mm audio plug to play your music.
  • Remote control and touch button control.
  • Calming night-light helps your child get a better nights sleep.

We've thought about all the little details:

Speaker Functionality
& Multiple Audio Inputs

The speaker + audio input functionality (aux + SD Card) allow you to accompany the soothing light patterns with a calming soundtrack of your choice! This combination is sure to help your child fall fast asleep

Multiple Soothing Sensory 
Light Patterns

Multiple ocean wave patterns come in four different color combinations. From warm to cool colours, the selection is versatile to satisfy any visual sensory seekers needs before bed time.

Motion Bubbler has
Soothing Bubble Patterns

After a day of overstimulation, via bright lights, the motion bubbler provides a soothing, non aggravating bubble pattern to satisfy your child's sensory needs just enough before bedtime

What's Included

1 Motion Bubbler

1 Sensory Ocean Wave Projector

Customer Reviews

based on 57 reviews


Finally found a projector that actually looks like water reflecting onto the walls and ceiling. The colors are great and I love that it comes with different... background noises. The remote control is great.You can set timers and fall asleep to the waves and sound without having to worry about it running all night. You can also stop it from rotating.The only complain is the speakers. When connecting your phone to the speakers, the sound is not great, but I didn't expect the speakers to be of high quality, since I was looking for a wave projector and not music speakers. After many weeks, it still works and use it every night. Show More

Julie D. on 10/01/2019  

So cool!

I bought this for my daughter, it is one of the coolest night lights I have ever seen. It has a remote or optional buttons on the machine. It has several... noise options and light color combos. Its really relaxing and helps her go to sleep. She has had lots of issues at bedtime with falling asleep, bad dreams and just the being afraid phase. This has actually helped her to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and bad dreams so far. I have read articles on sensory stimulation for autistic kids and figured it might help with other issues kids have as well. So far so good. Highly recommend and great price for the quality of product. Show More

Megan on 9/28/2019  


We had a smaller one that wasn't very bright, so so bought this one and it's perfect. I also actually like the noises it has on it.

Donna P. on 9/24/2019  

Functional underwater effect

I like the option of several light settings, especially since I wasnt sure what would look best on the teal-colored walls.I dont care for the audio options,... as I was only interested in the light, but I suppose theyre soothing enough. I would have like to have heard more wave sounds, considering its a wave-maker light. The machine does make a whisper-quiet humming sound as it rotates for the rippling effect, but it is not obnoxious. Overall, Im very pleased with the product. It has many different light settings. The effect of being underwater is pretty convincing. Show More

Cody K. on 9/23/2019  

Nice light

The motion motor was making a sound after about a week of use. I contacted the seller and they immediately responded and offered a refund or replacement, I... opted for the replacement because my toddler does enjoy the waves lighting. I am happy they took care of the issue efficiently, and would recommend this product. Show More

JE on 9/13/2019  

Super calming and relaxing

Beautiful and calming effect. I use it for bedtime with my toddler son and it takes him right to dreamland. I use the mp3 to play my own music and have even... found it to be useful to me when I need a night of relaxation. I have purchased one for my grandson and would definitely recommend. Show More

skye19us on 9/09/2019  

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Perfect nightlight/sound machine

This is a super cool light projector. It really does look like you are underwater. The lights are bright, but not too bright. The different music/sounds are... very soothing. My daughter will not go to sleep without this on anymore. It was easy to figure out how to work and it even came with a controller! Show More

Leslie Mariya on 9/09/2019  

My 2 year old loves it!!

My 2 year old had a light that projected onto the ceiling attached to her crib that she loved but she kept turning it off by accident and getting upset about... it so I ordered this to put on her dresser where she couldn't reach it and she loves it!! Kept her calm while falling asleep and I was able to set the timer so it wouldn't turn off too quickly like the one she had before. Definitely recommend this for a child (or even an adult - I think it's relaxing too). Show More

A. Williams on 9/09/2019  

Great lights!

We love this night light.The sounds are not the great (would like liked some without a whole bunch of birds). Also, the remote doesn't have that much of... distance to it but otherwise the colors are great!! Show More

Christy Surkinszu on 9/09/2019  

Nice addition to nursery room

The lights are calming and come in a whole variety of colors and combinations. The projection is bright enough to fill up a standard dark bedroom and the... timer control works fine to set the lights and have them turn off automatically after an hour or whatever. It connects via micro USB cable and has an AUX port to be able to connect your own music to the device. It does come pre-set with a series of instrumental tracks and nature sounds, but I found my own music to be a much better choice for me! Either way, a fun and affordable way to add a splash of night color to a child's bedroom. Show More

Daniel Velez on 9/09/2019  

High pitched noise ugh

When the product arrived, the projection area was in pieces. There was no manual to assemble it. I has to assume and get it working correctly. When I got it... working, it works fine, but it omits a very high-pitched sound that's not loud, but just noticeably there. I can even hear it across a large room. It is driving me crazy and not even music at regular volume can mask the sound. I love the colors though and the effects, but I don't know how long I can keep using it before I just absolutely hate it. Show More

Ruby L. on 9/09/2019  


the colors are beautiful and the music is a huge plus! It plays a soft tune by itself but has the capability to aux your own music to it. I was expecting the... colors to be a little brighter but it is still beautiful and reflects off of my walls and ceiling. After my sisters saw mine they immediately wanted to go buy one of their own! The remote needs two AAA batteries but works good with the lamp. The timer feature is a nice bonus that you don't see on all similar products! Show More

m evans on 9/09/2019  


Gorgeous lights... Gets louder and louder everytime I use it. Sad because it was purchased as a night light. Can't sleep w that noise!

Pouyan Chammi on 9/09/2019  

Very Fun

I bought this for my sons room to help him sleep at night, he really likes music and these types of lights. He loved it, I like that you can alter how... bright it is and how load it is. The remote works very well!! Show More

Michael day on 9/09/2019  

Peace enducing

I love using this to wake up slowly, or in the evening to help relax. It is very adjustable on light and sound levels. The sound bytes included are on a... short loop, have not yet found it necessary to connect to a secondary sound device. Good for insomnia. Show More

Yvonne W Williamson on 9/09/2019  

Works great and very cool colors

What a great night light/ projector. It fills the whole ceiling when its on and it comes with a remote so you can change the colors. Im using it as a night... light for my grandson and he loves it Show More

PeggyA on 9/09/2019  

Terrific product!

This product is amazing! Bought this to replace the one we had before this model that broke while on vacation! I love how this model has remote and an... auto shut off after a couple of hours! My son loves feeling like is in the ocean at night with the light show! This product is perfect! Show More

Luther Kim on 9/09/2019  

Great nightlight

Pretty cool little nightlight / white noise device. It has multiple colors, sounds, and volumes. The manual controls work well; seem to be touch sensitive.... It also comes with a remote control. The USB plug in is about 2 ft. long. Also comes with a aux jack so you can plug it into an alternate music source. Show More

Arnie on 8/22/2019  

I enjoyed this order

I enjoyed this order, looks like all my fishes like it too. The natural voice from this tiny machine make you feel kind of comfortable. And the colorful... light could light up your ceiling especially when it in the dark. Another exciting part is it is also an speaker, And the sound quality is not too bad. Show More

Mason X on 8/21/2019  

It has some quirks

The prerecorded sounds are pretty cool except the point at which the recordings loop & start over are VERY noticeable. I just turn the prerecorded sound down... to off. I didn't buy it for the sounds though so I'm good.Secondly the motor seems to make an odd sounds. As the parts rotate it literally sounds like I am on an old 14 century ship. Rrrrrrrr.... Rrrrrrrr... Rrrrrrrr.Everything else it really cool though. The lights are pretty relaxing. I have 2 on either side of the room so I don't get dizzy from the light cycles. Show More

Brianna Bortolli on 7/18/2019  

The music and projections are nice but difficult to adjust the projector

The music playlist is really nice including the projection designs. just that while we adjust the projector, it is quite difficult to move it manually, which... feels like if not done correctly, it might break it apart. Otherwise, this thing is really cool, will try to upload a video if I get some free time. Show More

Aditya on 7/09/2019  

Unique light

This light is soo cool! It's very peaceful and calming, but yet can be so fun. We bought it because the projector light for our daughters room died and we... were looking for something calming. She likes it a lot. The remote is nice that we can turn it off without having to go in her room once she's asleep. Show More

Jason on 7/09/2019  

Best sound and light machine

We put this in our daughters room. She absolutely loves the colors and how they change. I really like the variety of sounds the machine offers and that it... comes with a remote. This is definitely going to help with her being afraid of the dark. Show More

Heather Lortiloo on 7/09/2019  

Great product

The grandchildren are amazed buy and we love it. We put on different sounds during the day and play like we are in the jungle, etc. The lights do not really... show during the day so it makes it perfect that they dont associate the lights with play. when they sleep over we play the soft music and the lights are soft but noticeable. They fall asleep faster. I love them. They are very soothing. Very pleased with this purchase. Show More

Sharia L Heffe. on 7/09/2019  

Easy to use and beautiful lights

I didn't use the remote or timer so I can't comment on that. But of course I checked out the other features. I wish there was a turn off sound function but... you can just lower the volume to zero. You click the power button quickly to change colors. The moving colors are very pretty and I like the different variety. I can't wait to use it this Halloween and for other holidays! Show More

Hambot on 7/09/2019  

Excellent product!

Anyone would love to have this in their room.. whether you're getting it for a child, a teenager or yourself. So relaxing as well as entertaining. I love... that you have the option of ambience sounds or it comes with a usb to connect your own music! I'm getting an early start on my Christmas shopping this year and I still can't decide who is getting this. I may have to order a couple more of them! Show More

daniel cormier on 7/09/2019  

Cool light at an affordable price

Really cool gadget. I like ascent lighting. Right now keeping it in my bathroom to use at night instead of turning light on but would be good to use in a... children's room as a night light or part of lighting for chilling with a movie on. Not overly bright but can definitely see onba ceiling. Overall pretty cool pickup for a good price Show More

Alex and Marie on 7/09/2019  

Color changing night light

My son is obessed with this!! He makes sure it is turned on everynight. You can change to all sorts of different settings. You also can change the sound on... it. The water and birds are our favorite. Very relaxing and make the room look suoer cool. Show More

Megan Kathryn on 7/09/2019  

An impressive night light for children.

I purchased this item for my child's room as a night light. It covers the ceiling with swirling patterns, but it is not so bright that it keeps him awake.... I especially like that you can use an aux cord and listen to whatever music you like. Show More

Jbeans003 on 7/09/2019  

My daughter loves it

Mu daughter absolutely loves this night light. The ocean projector is awesome!! We like just laying done on her floor to look up onto the ceiling for a bit... before we go to bed. Great product. No issues. Show More

R. Arthur on 7/09/2019  

I could stare at this for hours

I could stare at this for hours. It is so relaxing. The colors are beautiful, it projects nicely and overall is just great. The adults and kids alike lived... watching it dance on the wall. Show More

Stina Basuit on 7/09/2019  

Fun and Cool Light Projector

This projector is so fun. You can see great lights on your ceiling waving. I enjoy using it every night going to sleep and my kids enjoy it so much that they... fall asleep looking at it. Show More

Emi Davis on 7/09/2019  

This thing is AWESOME!!

Can I just say that this this ROCKS!!! My daughter (8) was so indecisive about which night light she wanted. But saw this one and wouldnt even look at... another!! And then when we got it!! Total game changer!! We all love it so much!! Im even getting one for my room. So relaxing!!__ Show More

Desiree Cholit on 5/26/2019  

Really lights up the room!

My 5 year old loves this ocean wave projector. It definitely lights up really well, but isn't too bright. The musical portion is also nice. I rated the... remote lower because it is difficult to open the battery compartment even for me. Overall though I don't think I need the remote so might be a moot point. Show More

Aaron Pulver on 5/26/2019  

Cool Projector for Kids

Cool Projector, The modes of lighting and built in natural recordings are great. sound quality is okay and loud, my kids love it and using in bedroom the... ceiling is just beautiful with light colors. You need to give break after couple of using for noise issue. other then that everything thing okay. Show More

RR on 5/26/2019  

Best way to sleep

My Mother babysits little kids and they usually have trouble falling asleep so when my mom told me to find her a light that moves like stars I went looking... and was so surprised to find one that not only moves but it also comes with some calming sounds. I gave it to my mom and she said that since she started using it the children have been falling asleep without any problems!! Show More

Elena, Alex, and Ilan on 5/26/2019  

About what you expect for the cost

It buzzes....quietly, but it buzzes. You can tune that out. I don't think I've gotten all the options for visuals I see in their demo pics, and I'm using their... instruction card, go figure. The remote needs to be punished to respond, and that is with fresh batteries. It does not come with batteries....have some ahead of time or enjoy your paperweight. It's cheap, though, and makes a soothing nightlight. Show More

CSH on 5/26/2019  

Pros and cons

Overall it's pretty cool. The colors are great. The adjustability is awesome. Having a remote with lots of options is a plus. However, even with multiple... sound options, my 4 year old doesn't like them. She said 1 is sad that she thought she liked and the others are scary. Even on the lowest volume some of them are really loud. Another issue is that it's supposed to be able to stay on all night, but it doesn't. It turns off during the night every time. I have tried cancel timer and nothing works. Unfortunately it's probably not going to work for us. Show More

Kelsey Kohl-Timko on 5/26/2019  

Worth the extra cost!

This is our second light/sound projector. The first one (of a different brand/vendor) starting breaking after just a few uses, eventually stopping all... together. My son loved it, so I was on a mission to find another one. I was hesitant to spend the extra money on this one, but let me tell you, the quality was leaps and bound better than the first one. This was feels solid and durable. We've had it about 2 months now and it's still going strong. Show More

Sarah (K) on 5/26/2019  

Very pretty

This is a very fun night light. I especially like the first color and my kids were mesmerized. The range of music and sound effects is nice and so is the... range of colors. My daughter lay awake without fussing at all just staring at the lights. This is a great buy. Show More

Emma on 5/26/2019  

Soothing Ocean Sounds/Projections

Very cool projections of wave like movement. Comes with many colors that can be projected (I like just blue) and noises with a good volume control.... Definitely calming effect just chilling around watching the ocean on my walls and ceiling. Show More

Rick Spencer on 5/26/2019  

Grinding noise after a few hours of use

This product is garbage. After only a few hours of use, the product started to make a grinding noise and was so annoying. The light wasn't even that bright.... Don't waste your money on these. Show More

UvaroviteKing on 5/26/2019  


It has great light range, a speaker, relaxing sound mode, and a remote! Creates great ambiance in the room for sleeping, relaxing, or in the bathroom when I... am taking a bath. Show More

Michelle M on 5/26/2019  

So cool!

My husband is obsessed with this little projector! It's super cool and for it's size gives off a ton of light. My bedroom is now a nightly light show! The... music is great too and I love that it has a timer on it. Show More

Krystal S. on 5/26/2019  


Calming, sadly...I could watch this happen for AWHILE

Lei Lei Hufan on 4/30/2019  

Not too bright but adequate

This is a simple projector. I have high ceilings and this is barely bright but gets the job done. There is only one music tone it plays. The lights look cool... when all the other lights are turned off. This is a good item to purchase as white noise machine for infants and little babies. Show More

G. Brazker on 4/30/2019  

Works exactly as advertised.

Everything works exactly as advertised. I ordered 1 for my daughter and she and my toddler loved it so much. I ordered a 2nd one for my toddler. Now they... each have one in their room. The sound machine and volume feature is nice and the many light choices look great. I also love the fact that you can turn the light off and just use it as a sound machine. Would definitely purchase again. Defaults at a 2 hour timer but love the choice of going all the way up to 4 hours with the remote. Show More

C. Bronge on 4/30/2019  

Smooth and pleasing effects of light and sound

It can be mounted on the wall high up and tilted down, or simply sit on a table pointing up. An internal lens moving around over the LEDs creating animated... patterns of single or multiple revolving colors, accompanying by several sounds effects like rain or storm, all can be controlled by buttons near the base or with the remote. It's a mood enhancer and a sleep machine in one. Suitable for the living room or the bedroom. Show More

Edmond W on 4/30/2019  

Great value for cost

I really like this light! I wish it had a setting that made it even brighter so you could use it as room light to some degree, but I know I bought something... that calls itself a nightlight. The light in this does move a bit to create true wavelike motion. The different colors suit this light very well. The speakers are decent for this cost range, nothing super amazing but not distorted or anything. Show More

Lori Lee Atkins on 4/30/2019  

Great light show

I bought this light projector because my daughter had always wanted something like this. The projection of the lights is great and we love the variety of... light settings. The audio cable works great and the sound from the speaker is loud and clear. We like the timer feature that you can set up from the included remote. Some suggestions we have for improving this would be including more relaxing music choices, we didn't love the included ones, and improving the remote. You have to be very close to the projector for the remote to work. Otherwise, we are very happy with the performance of this projector. Show More

Yusha Kamran on 4/30/2019  

It has potential for awsomeness but appears disapointing.

Great but cheaply made a little. Not as the description puts but close. Was a bit disappointed. Got it for my teenage son and one for myself as well. I'm... not sure he'll be super impressed with it. I'm not sure if he'll toy around with the different functions. Then he will find out it's potential for awsomeness, if he takes the time to find that out. Show More

LD on 4/30/2019  

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Sleep better with our soothing night light

Alongside the calming ocean wave projector, our nightlight comes with a built in speaker with pre programmed sounds and aux cord capabilities.

Play your favourite soundtracks along side the nightlight to help ease your child's anxieties and stresses before bedtime.

Variety of visually calming patterns

For children with sensory issues, a whole day of being exposed to bright and harsh lights can leave children overwhelmed and overstimulated before bed. 

With a variety of calming and soothing ocean wave patterns, create a visual stimuli haven for your child, to help them sleep better at night.

The Benefits of our
Visual Sensory Kit

Calming & soothing
light patterns

Improve quality
of sleep

Provide gentle
 visual stimuli

Reduce anxiety 
& stress

Different light
stimulation intensities

Built in speaker
& adjustable volume

Built-in calming
white noise sounds

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