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Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)

$13.95 $35.95

Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)
Sensory Chew Brick Necklace Bundle (4 Pack + Bonus Pencil Topper)

Do you have a chewer on your hands? Senso Minds' Chewing Necklace is sure to give an vibrant and attractive chewing alternative to your child's fingers and shirt collar.

  • Safe, stylish, and discreet brick design kids will love!¬†
  • Textured necklaces provide sensory stimulation
  • Mega Bundle includes 4 chewy necklaces and a bonus pencil topper
  • Adjustable¬†cord with breakaway safety clasp

What's Included

4 Sensory Chew Necklaces

  1 Sensory Chew Pencil Topper

Hear from our customers!

Risk-free trial

Don't completely love your purchase? Receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Free shipping & returns

Free shipping and returns are included with every order.

No toxins

Free of toxins such as lead, latex BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Sensory satisfaction

Give your brain the sensory input it craves!

Giving Back

For every 10 units sold, 1 will be donated to Womenspace.

Why chew necklaces?

Did you know the mouth is one of the most sensory parts of the body? This also makes it the most effective way to regulate our behavior, and the behavior of our children with sensory processing issues. Sensory tools such as chewable necklaces are effective for children who are orally defensive and fussy eaters.

Completely Safe to Use

All Senso Minds chew products have been tested and are completely safe for children and free of any toxins such as lead, latex, BPA, PVC, and phthalates. All chewing necklaces also come with an adjustable breakaway clasp for additional safety.

The Benefits of Chew Necklaces

Improves focus

Helps to filter incoming sensory information

Supports speech development

Strengthens oral motor and facial muscles

A SAFE alternative to chewing other inedible objects

Hygienic - easily washable

Comforting, discreet and stylish

Textured silicone provides sensory stimulation

Does this describe your child?

  • Chews excessively on inedible objects (pencil, clothes, fingernails, etc.)
  • Throws a tantrum or feels anxious when they do not have something in their mouth
  • Is calmer and more focused when they are able to chew

If so, this product may be for you!

Customer Reviews

based on 337 reviews

Helps Save Clothes and Blankets

Easy to use website and ordering. Quality item with a bargain (4 for the price of one on another site) Saves our poor blankets, stuffed animals and sleeves.

Heather Davis on 4/15/2020  

They r awsome

Getting these help my son stop chewing on his sleeves of clothes...which on return help save me money

Loni Aalgaard Heck on 2/12/2020  

Great for biters

I love the necklace - easy for the child. I used it for a little one that bites at my daycare. He loves biting in it - Im sure it helps the teething pain.

NightReader on 10/13/2019  

Would recommend :)

Big hit for my 4 year old. I like that they come with an adjustable string too, seem sturdy and are easy to wash off and clean.

David on 10/08/2019  

Love it!

Love it for our grandson who loses things easily. He chewed it until he fell asleep!

Pamela on 9/30/2019  

Adjustable necklace

Great product. Necklace is adjustable in size, which makes wearing it very easy

Elizabeth B. on 9/28/2019  

load more

Love them!

Cute, and work very well.

LaciBoo on 2/02/2019  


Favorite important part of my nephews day!

pt on 2/02/2019  

Perfect for sensory kids

I ordered these for my son who has a sensory processing problem. He absolutely loves it. Whether he's just holding onto it or chewing on it it has definitely... made his day to day life easier to handle for him. Show More

Desiree Driscoll on 2/01/2019  


These are the perfect size for our 5 year old who has been eating his shirts. But, he is a very strong biter, so he could chew this apart on a day of biting... on it, I think if he didn't bite so hard these would last a lot longer. Show More

Simplytwo on 1/30/2019  


My son loves these chewies! Super cute colors and perfect size, not too little and not too bulky. Really helps him when he's feeling overwhelmed.

Anissa on 1/28/2019  

Great for chewers

My son has been chewing his shirts a lot lately. I decided to try these because they were for sensory stimulation. My so has been chewing tgem discreetly in... class. He loves that they are lego forms and tgat tgere is also one for his pencil Show More

marissa on 1/27/2019  

Son Loves it

My son has molars coming in and this helps sooth him. He's also known to chew his shirt. Hoping this helps stop that habit.

lisa wheeler on 1/26/2019  

Kinda chewy

They say this Item is indestructible My son chewed through it in mins

Rachel Tuszynski on 1/21/2019  

Couldn't withstand a day...

My 5 year old had bitten through these within the first day. We've bought others from amazon that lasted a few weeks at least, i was hopeful but these did not work well at all.

Jessica Krewson on 1/20/2019  

It was exactly like the picture.

Really liked this product. It was exactly like it says it is and was delivered in a timely manner. My son really enjoys it.

Nicole Pritchett on 1/15/2019  

Great for kids who chew or suck fingers

I ordered these because I have one child who sucks his finger (he's 9) and another who chews on his shirt. These necklaces seem to be working to reduce both... habits. It's still early, so I may add another review after a couple of weeks. Show More

Nanz on 1/09/2019  

These stopped my grandson from biting.

Theses stoppes my grandson from biting, the only downside is he looses or chews through them in a matter of weeks. We just order more. He is 3 and has autism.

Theresa on 1/07/2019  

Great buy!

I'm so excited to try these on my foster son. We have purchased them as an alternative to biting his lips when he gets anxiety. These are a fun way to redirect.

elysha on 1/07/2019  

Good for casual chewer

Bought these for my son who is chewing his fingernails. The chewies are a firm, rubbery plastic with great textures. I did feel they were a bit small and... could possibly present a choking hazard if swallowed. The breakaway cord on the necklace works great, but would still recommend supervision of children or those with diminished cognitive ability to prevent injury. The colors are bright and fun. Love the different textures on each side. My son likes them and will use them in place of his fingers when prompted. No issue with breakage seen as yet as reported by previous reviewers. Show More

Kimberly Wilbourn on 1/07/2019  

Great for my special needs kid!

I have a non-neurotypical kiddo with SPD, and he is SUCH a chewer. He would chew on clothing, toys, his baby brother's pacifiers (he ruined three of them),... the packaging from foods--literally anything he could find. We bought him a pack of these chew necklaces and now he's content to chomp on those instead. He also chows down on the pencil topper while we're practicing his writing skills. My only complaint, and the reason I am doing 4 stars instead of 5, is that I wish they were just a *touch* softer so he could get the tactical feedback he's after without getting a sore jaw so quickly. But I also know that them being so tough means they'll last a long time. Overall, we're happy with the purchase! Show More

Christina on 1/07/2019  

Couldn't withstand my 6 year old

The first couple of days were great, but now about a week into them my son has chewed thru two of them. My son is 6 years old and has only started this... stage due to him breaking a bone lately. I would suggest if your kid is a chewer either preparing yourself for blowing thru them or seeing what other options will be out there. Show More

Lex on 1/07/2019  

Fantastic product!

My young son chewes these instead of his pencil during homework. Wonderfully durable and easy to clean!

B. Wimble on 1/06/2019  

Great for toddlers

I love the safety snap on necklace.

Dawn Leatherwood on 1/06/2019  

Not durable

Not very durable... For something that's made to be chewed on, they really don't hold up. My son used the red one and on the first day of use it looks like... it's been through a garbage disposal. I'm afraid he's going to chew off the end completely and swallow it. Show More

Joy on 1/06/2019  

Great Chew Necklaces

The necklaces are great! They seem like great quality and hopefully my ASD son will love them.

Dwatts on 1/06/2019  

Solid solution

I have a 3 1/2 year old that has recently started chewing on his shirts, fingers and blankets. He loves legos so this design was the perfect accessory and he... loves to chew on them. Plus the price is right for a pack of 4 necklaces! I love that they are adjustable and have a pull apart safety clasp. I believe this has solved my chewy kid issue!! ‚̧ԳŹ Show More

Lynette on 1/05/2019  


After chewing holes in several shirts, I got this for my 7 year old. Had to rate 4 because although it gets the job done, within a few days of chewing it, pieces were crumbling off.

Amazon Customer on 1/04/2019  

Great product

Great quality...really firm for aggressive biters or teens

Misty Wink on 1/04/2019  


My special ed kids gnawed through these in one day.

T. L.R. on 1/02/2019  

Depends on the need

My son had ADHD and his medicine makes him chew etc. I got these and he chewed through them all within the past 2 weeks. He is 13, and it helped but for him personally didnt last long

Emma on 1/02/2019  

Very soft chew

My 6 year old destroyed the first chew within hours mindlessly gnawing on it during class. The second chew was destroyed within a few days. They definitely... helped him keep his fingers out of his mouth, but they don't last. I will be looking for a stronger chew next time. Show More

K & J Johnson on 1/02/2019  

Item awesome/necklace not so much

These are awesome except for the clasps in back. I ended up having to tie them because they unsnapped constantly

Amazon Customer on 1/01/2019  

Works well

Works well

Leah on 1/01/2019  

Will purchase Again

Very durable and my clients who struggle with anxiety love them. The colors are bright and I think it is great that they have texture! Will buy again when needed.

Jensen McGinness on 12/31/2018  

Four Necklaces

This order came with four necklaces plus a pencil topper. I am very pleased with it.

Kristin Holt on 12/31/2018  


This was great for my student who couldn't stop chewing on my toys

Stefanie on 12/27/2018  

my son loves it

I ordered this for my son because he's been chewing his shirtsleeves and needed an alternative chew item. He's obsessed with Legos so this was perfect for... him. The silicone seems sturdy and I like that the necklace length is adjustable. Also, with this multiple pack we can stash them in various places so he can access whenever. Show More

Sasha on 12/27/2018  

Good Buy!

Three boys with autism and other special needs and these were perfect for them! We've only had them about a week so they are still new, but no issues this far.

Katie Q. on 12/26/2018  

Not durable

They seemed super hard at first, but my 7 and 5 yo chewed right threw them in a short time

Amy E. Klick on 12/26/2018  

so far so good

I'm very pleased & my daughter was so excited! These were purchased in hopes of helping my daughter not pick at herself & stop nail biting. We're only a... couple days into one & seems to be helping some. Time will tell. Product seems sturdy & no smell. Show More

Tim S. on 12/26/2018  


Did not like

Amazon Customer on 12/25/2018  


Amazing for teething babies!

Shawna Georges on 12/25/2018  

Nice sensory tool

I really like these! My son constantly feels the need to have something in his mouth. The size is perfect and I like how they come with as a necklace.... We... definitely will not be loseing these! I gave 4 stars only because I feel these chewies could be a bit more harder as far as texture goes. My son is one of a few kids that have been diagnosed with a severe movement disorder. We have to watch him closely when he is using them so he does not chew them in half. We go though a lot of different kinds of chewies with him and have not found one to be strong enough to with stand his excessive chewing, but we only have thies for a few weeks so far they have been very durable... I will be buying them again, and definitely would recommend to anyone with a child that has sensory issue. Show More

Jamie Rousselow on 12/24/2018  

Chewy Legos!!

My son loved the Lego bricks! Hopefully this will stop him from chewing up his nails and clothes! Nice and firm, love the adjustable necklace. Update: My son... loves this! It has kept him from chewing on the sleeves of his shirts when around people. It isn't showing much wear considering he has been using the same necklace since Christmas and today is Jan 3rd :) well worth the investment! Show More

Cara Hartley on 12/24/2018  

Works for the price

I purchased this item for a student in my special needs classroom. It's a little larger than what I wanted for a five-year old. But it works and he's content. So it's a win!

Jen on 12/20/2018  


These work great, trying to keep the wooks off my neck all night was the only problem.

Caleb H. on 12/19/2018  


My son loves these!

Candice Floran on 12/16/2018  

Look Good!

I bought these for my 4 year old because he has been constantly chewing on his clothes. The product arrived before expected and so far so good! They appear... to be very durable and should hold up to his constant need to chew on things. My son is walking around with the red one in his mouth. The only reason I gave 4 stars is the orange one isn't attached to a the product picture it looks like is has a string and he tends to leave things lying around so I wish it had a string like the rest. Show More

Jason & Karin Hensley on 12/16/2018  

Good product at great price

My kids both love these sensory necklaces. It helps them not destroy other items they shouldn't chew on. These necklaces are enjoyable for them and have helped... them learn to self regulate their chewing. Only giving 4/5 stars because they are not as hard as I would like. But for the price they are great. We have to restock pretty frequently though and harder silicone would slow down my older one from chewing through. Show More

THB on 12/15/2018  

Teeth friendly and kid approved!

I bought these because they are dentist recommended and I really needed my twins to stop chewing on all of their shirts. I realized the need also when they... insisted on wearing regular necklaces so they could chew on them. These are much more teeth friendly. They both commented that they enjoy that it has a different texture on each side. Show More

Rebecca Ellen on 12/15/2018  

Great chewlery bundle

This is the best bundle of chewlery I've found. Delivery was prompt, silicone chews are high quality and the breakaway necklaces are adjustable!

Jennifer Wilson on 12/12/2018  

Great deal and price

We love this product. This is our 2nd time ordering. My girls love these!

Linda Smith on 12/12/2018  

great product

Came quickly and as described. Item is being used in an educational setting. Works great as an appropriate oral sensory tool for students.

Theresa W. on 12/11/2018  

A happy kid

Update- 1/22/19- These are great for helping him focus while he is doing his work, and satisfies his chew urge. It is saving his erasers! He was eating... erasers, but this is helping distract hom from that. I got these for my little boy who chews for sensory seeking. He loved them immediately. He loved the bright colors, and that they looked like Lego bricks. He also liked that cord was soft, and it looked like something for a big boy, not a little kid. Show More

Wanda on 12/11/2018  

Just what we needed!!

We look for something our son could use and be safe and meet the school's satisfactory.

Pastor Taylor on 12/11/2018  

Great for chewers!

These were perfect for my son who had recently started chewing on clothing and everything he had. He loves that they look like lego pieces, and I like the... different textures on each side, and less holes in clothing! Show More

Amazon Customer on 12/09/2018  

Very Durable!

These look great and work perfectly. My daughter says they are better than just a coil-style necklace as she like the sensory bumps on the 'brick'.

Birdi on 12/09/2018  

Not for big chewers.

This works well for those students who just need to chew a little. If student is a hard chewer - may want to try something more durable.

Abigail on 12/09/2018  

Kids loved them.

Great quality. Kids loved the lego shapes. Great buy.

Amazon Customer on 12/07/2018  

Great product.

This product is great love the color choices and that it comes in a bundle pack.

Barbara D. on 12/06/2018  

Amazing product!

First time buying this product and I highly recommend it!!

Amazon Customer on 12/06/2018  

Great product for toddler teething.

This is the second package I've purchased for my 18 month old son. He was biting his wrist so hard that he was leaving indentations and bruises while he is... teething molars. The product seems very sturdy and one package has already lasted a month with no damage even though he wears it constantly. I was concerned about my toddler wearing a necklace, but they have a breakaway feature and I never let him where it unsupervised. Show More

junebug on 12/06/2018  

Quality Chewelry

The necklaces came quickly and my daughter who is 2 is doing great with the blocks. The necklaces themselves I did not find to be the safest. They are able... to be loosened and tightened and I could easily see her getting tangled or stuck on them. I cut all the cords off and replaced with safety necklaces I had from another chewelry vendor. Show More

Katie on 12/04/2018  


Good quality for children it help tnem to control the habit

Gretchen R. on 12/04/2018  

Great quality!

Fantastic quality! My son chews the front of his shirts when he is nervous and we got these to help give him something else to chew. They're great quality silicone! I would definitely purchase these again!

Rachael I Baker on 12/02/2018  


My Students love these. Use to provide acceptable alternative to mouthing and biting behaviors.

Rachelle Gibbs on 12/02/2018  

Not sure it's positive reinforcement, but it worked for us.

My 7 yr old son hates to wear this necklace. He thinks it's girly, but now he's stopped chewing his shirt because he doesn't want to wear it. But..when he... does 'have' to wear it, he does chew (almost violently) on it. I think we have been successful with it, but not necessarily in a positive manner. He is an anxious little guy and this did comfort him, at a subconscious level, I think. Show More

liv on 12/02/2018  

Daughter seems to like them.

I bought these to help my 8-year-old daughter; she has autism, ADHD and social anxiety. Her teacher suggested I give these necklaces a try. I appreciate the... multi-pack because she is prone to losing everything. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, so these may reduce the things she puts in her mouth, since she seems to like them. She loves Legos, so I can see how these appeal to her. Hopefully these can help her socially and emotionally, since her peers reject her when she is putting things in her mouth all the time. Show More

Heather L Meyer on 12/01/2018  

Good deal

My 5 year old barely verbal daughter loves it, it has smaller bumps on one side and larger ones on the other. Bright colors. I can't figure out if I can... remove it from the lanyard and I don't trust her to wear it (she's very active and even though it's a break away it's still fairly strong) so I just knotted it up along the line. She instinctively chewed on it almost immediately. Overall, if she continues to use it I will buy more as we go. It's a really good product. Show More

David Lin on 11/29/2018  

My students love them!

As a special education teacher, with children of all kinds. I have a few that really benefit from chewlry. This necklace lasts, and works awesome.

Diane H. on 11/29/2018  

No more chewed dragons

Love these and after a dragon got a wing chewed up because my 8 year old just could not help himself it was time go get these , Love them

mountainmom on 11/29/2018  

Saves shirts!

These are great for my 8-year-old with anxiety. He chews on this instead of his shirt. It's perfect!

Holly on 11/29/2018  

My kid chewed THROUGH this in a 3 days time !

My kid chewed THROUGH 3 of these in a weeks time ! Not safe, not ok !

Kirsten T on 11/27/2018  

Quality product at a good price!

I purchased these for my grandson who is autistic. I have purchased others from an independent website and paid more. I'm very pleased with these and will purchase more in the future.

Sheryl T on 11/27/2018  

Great for teething!!

My daycare kiddos (age 6 months-3 yrs) love these! I like that they're easy to sanitize and also that as a necklace, they're easy to keep individualized... (vs the sticks I had previously). If you're child is a chewer or is teething, these are a MUST! Show More

Erin on 11/26/2018  


They're ok. My son had one of them chewed in half within a couple of days. But this is our first chew necklace so I'm not sure if that's normal. My kid really likes it.

Erin Francis on 11/25/2018  

Great Product

Just what I wanted, my grandson loves them!!

SKDAVIES on 11/25/2018  

Great design

The product is durable and reasonably priced. The design is great for children and doesn't seem too babyish, when they are wearing this in the classroom.

ap on 11/25/2018  

Great for kids who chew

My 5 yr old loves these, not only do they combat his need to chew on things he shold not - they are Lego!!!!

Amie Sanok on 11/24/2018  

Great product

My twins are preemies with sensory issues - they love these to bite and chew when they feel anxious

Karan S. Penton on 11/23/2018  

Convenient chewlery

Kids, one who has sensory needs, and one who does not, enjoy wearing them, very sturdy.

Elizabeth Pacheco on 11/23/2018  

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How do I clean the silicone on my product?
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Are Senso Minds chewing products safe?
How do I open the safety clasp?
How do I clean the silicone on my product?
What is your refund/exchange policy?

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