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Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board

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Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board
Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit - Includes 4 Pack Therapy Putty & Peg Board

Did you ever want something to keep your child focused or entertained for a long period of time?

Senso Minds' sensory busy board helps keep your child's hands occupied with 9 self-help challenges and fine motor activities. This sensory-motor toy will develop your little one's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and keep them distracted for hours!

  • Soft-Felted Fabric¬†- Ensures pleasant-to-touch sensory textures
  • Numerous Self Help Activities - Features 9 buckles, ties, and buttons
  • BONUS 4 Pack Therapy Putty¬†- Captivating exercises that helps develop fine motor skills by helping build stronger muscle tone in fingers & forearms
  • BONUS 30 Piece Pegboard¬†- Develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Flexible Board¬†- Ideal For Travel

We've thought about all the little details:

The Ultimate
Self Help Development kit

9 Different Self-Help Activities, varying in difficulty, will teach your child crucial self help skills, while developing their fine motor skills & hand eye coordination, with the added bonus of keeping your child focused and entertained for hours!

Designed to develop 
low muscle tone in sensory seekers

Children with developmental conditions or sensory needs often have low muscle tone. The 4 different strengths in the therapy putty kit, are the perfect tool to develop your child's muscle tone for fine motor activities

Pressure therapy provides tactile and proprioceptive stimuli

Colorful and vibrant pegs force your child to push and pull with the right amount of force. The bundle pack is designed to train your child's self regulatory skills during fine motor activities

What's Included

4 Therapy Putty (Varying Toughness)

1 Sensory Busy Board

30 pcs Pegs  + Board

Customer Reviews

based on 32 reviews

Learn zip snap tie

To help a 4 year old learn and become familiar with these tasks before entering school. And it is fun too.

Monika Yozlesr on 9/22/2019  

Great Gift Idea

My great-niece loved it!

Erinn Andrews on 9/07/2019  

Kids like it

Super little board. Kids like it. It take them busy.

Kevin Snider on 9/05/2019  

Good activity for different ages

We bought this for my 4 yr old to work on buttons and the belts... he finds it to be fun and it doesn't feel like he is learning when he is playing with it.... My 1.5 yr old loves to try to do the activities as well! She has the zipper, snap and velcro down!!! Show More

David on 8/22/2019  


THIS IS AWESOME ! I bought this for my 16 month old daughter for her first plane ride. I hid it from her until we got on the airplane it was awesome. Our... flight was just over an hour long, and it kept her entertained almost the whole time (both ways). We now bring it everywhere with us. Its so perfect for traveling, it fits nicely in a back pack. You can also use the strap to clip to things. You can easily wipe it with a wash cloth or water wipe. I also love this because it keeps her entertained, and it helps with development of motor skills. Show More

A P on 8/22/2019  

Five stars for that price

I got it as a present for my friend's daughter. We havent seen her the whole evening. She was all in this toy. Each feature is easy to use and keeps her entertained

Erin on 8/22/2019  

load more

My grandson loves this activity board.

This is absolutely a supervised activity because of strings and potential for tiny pinched fingers, but having said that my little grandson LOVES this... activity. Surprisingly durable. Show More

Meagan on 8/22/2019  

Highly Recommended

We bought this board game for our 3 yrs old sun and he really enjoyed it. Quality and colors are great. It's fun and what's most important is doing a great... job - teaching how to dress. We recommend it. Show More

Julio Martinez on 8/22/2019  

Good quality

Great for teaching my toddler. It the quality is good and the price is great.

cara on 8/22/2019  

My grandson loves it.

Its really to soon to tell durability he received it today and was rushing his momma to get it open and let him have it. I will be ordering another one for my other grandson.

Anna Davis on 8/22/2019  

Great activity for different ages

Great product for training fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We bought this for our 4-year-old to learn buttoning. He likes playing with it - it... doiesn't feel like learning and he doesn't feel frustrated. Our younger one likes playing with it too, although she can't do as much - just velcro and zipper Show More

Ceaira Burkett on 8/22/2019  

Fun and entertaining

Keeps my daughter occupied! The true test will be our flight to Europe

Wendy on 7/05/2019  

Fun Board

It can travel easily, good for little hands.

Oksana Halijandro on 6/26/2019  

Easy to use! Good quality.

Keeps your toddler occupied for some time! Recommend it!

Chris Adongna on 4/28/2019  

Great Product

our 2-year old loves this! Very nice product.

Shahana Yang on 4/28/2019  

Fine motor skills toy

Love this busy board. As a Montessori education believer I try to get toys like this to help my son build his fine motor skills. He loves it! Oh and I got a coupon for this and got a good deal!

Ngyen on 4/28/2019  

Great concept but could be a choking hazard

I think this is a great concept but was disappointed in the quality. My 13 month old grandson loves things with zippers, velcro, buckles etc. so I thought... this activity board would be great. Unfortunately, the thread on one of the buttons is already starting to unravel (after only two days) which could be a choking hazard when the button becomes loose. I also bought one for my daughter-in-law's nephew in another country so now we have to contact his parents to warn them of the possible choking danger. Show More

Randy S Gunter on 4/28/2019  

Awesome learning tool and gift at the same time

This is a perfect learning tool. My daughter loves it. She will be prepared for school and will know how to deal with all those belts and buttons. This set... has pretty much everything a kid needs to know.My 4 years old daughter really likes it. All bright colors. Feels great in hands. Very sturdy and durable. Overall perfect learning tool and can be a very nice gift for any toddler.Definitely recommend! Show More

prettylady on 4/28/2019  

Great Board for Toddlers!!

I bought this for my 18 month daughter who is obsessed with buckles now. And it is a hit!. Although some of the activities are too advanced for her. I think... that's a good thing, as she will be able to advance her skills playing with this board as she grows. Show More

N. N on 4/28/2019  

A toy to grow with!!

Overall, it is a pretty good learning tool. There are many fastening types, its colorful and its a toy that the child can grow with. Its a wonderful toy to... take with you. Show More

Iren on 4/28/2019  

Great airplane or car activity

We bought this to entertain the LO while taking a 3hr flight. It kept him busy off and on and now it lives in the car. We like it because it's soft (he... like to throw things) and it fits in a bag nicely. Show More

Nina Zaslavsky on 4/28/2019  

Amazing little board

Amazing little board! This was so well thought of when it was created. My little man loves it!!

anita Prahkar on 4/28/2019  

Love it!!!!

My grandson plays with it every day. It is very useful for fine motor skills of fingers, benefits the child. we love this thing.

Samuel Mattaher on 4/28/2019  

Great skill building activity

This is a great activity to do with my toddler to teach him basic skills of tying, buckling and different fastening systems. He loves it!

Caitlyn on 1/31/2019  

Fun, educational toddler toy

This busy board is awesome! My kids love all of the elements - zipper, velcro, snaps, clip - it has it all. I love that they are learning how to dress... themselves while they have fun.We travel a lot, and this is a great toy for road trips. No screen needed.I love the little carrying strap. My oldest daughter likes to throw it over her shoulder and take it with her. My 3 toddlers fight over this fun, educational toy. Show More

Ferris Topler on 1/31/2019  

Kiddo loves it

Very fun for busy little fingers. Our toddler is really excited about playing with this! Quality is good and I think I'll last a long time.

Jackelyn Shultz on 1/31/2019  

Buckle isnt great, but the other pieces are fine

We bought this for our 20 month old toddler who is obsessed with buckles right now. Unfortunately the material holding the buckle on this busy board is too... short so its tricky for even an adult to buckle it. I plan to cut it off of the board, add a longer piece of fabric, and then reattach it. Also, the black toggle is hard to see against the navy blue background. A light colored piece of felt would have been better. Still, its a very good busy board. Show More

Elizabeth Brooks on 1/31/2019  


One of the most important aspects of school readiness is self help skills. I always asked parents to practice these skills with their children before... entering the classroom. Some of these skills included tying their own shoes, buckling and unbuckling their belts, zipping and buttoning their jackets and pants, and being able to pack and unpack their own backpack. This buckle board is extremely helpful when attempting to teach these skills. It aids in fine motor skills and teaches self help skills that will allow your child to be more independent at school. Both of my kids love playing with the board at home. They even take it with them in the car! I would recommend this board for any home or classroom with small kids. Show More

Akmal Karimov on 1/31/2019  

Super fun for growing toddlers!

My nephew just turned two and we gave this to him for his birthday. He thought it was pretty great! It has lots of fun colors and things to do and learn. He... has learned numerous new things with the board, and Im sure it will continue to teach him new things as time goes on. Im really excited he will get to practice lacing and tying his shoes with this when the time comes! Show More

Bia Kellis on 1/31/2019  

Great for years to come

This board has been a hit with my 18 month old. She cannot do all the activities but thats good! She will have challenges and practice for years to come.

Becky P on 1/31/2019  

Fun busy board

Really cute idea! Portable and fun. My 20 month old mostly likes the clips but I can see him grow into this. We are going to keep it in the car for long rides. Great fun toy!

Katie Gallagher on 1/31/2019  

I love this

My boy plays with this thing every day. It helps a lot to develop fine finger motor skills. The use of this table is very helpful and benefits the child. I... approve of this thing. Show More

layomi on 1/31/2019  

view all

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Free of toxins such as lead, latex BPA, PVC and phthalates.

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9 self-help activities & challenges

Equipped with various buckles, straps, zippers & buttons, these different self-help activities vary in  difficulty. Challenge your child and build their skills to increase their sense of agency and independence.

Develop fine motor skills & hand-eye

Children with sensory issues or developmental conditions may undergo developmental delays and have poor muscle tone development. Providing them with training options to develop skills, such as their fine-motor coordination, is crucial to their development and independence!

The Benefits of our
Proprioceptive Sensory Kit

Develop fine-motor skills 

Proprioceptive stimulation

Refine self-help skills 

Improve problem solving skills

Child-safe & free of toxins

Foldable & 

Vibrant colors & engaging activities

 Repetitive activities are soothing

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