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Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5"- 24")

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Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5
Sensory Wobble Chair Kit - Includes Inflatable Wobble Cushion - (Adjustable from 16.5

Recommended Height for Wobble Chair: 4ft or Taller

Do you have a wiggler on your hands? We probably all know a child who can't sit still. Whether they have ADHD, SPD, or just have a fidgeting habit, it can get in the way of productivity. 

The Senso Minds wobble chair is here to help! Perfect for sensory seekers who can’t seem to sit still, Senso Minds' wobble chair allows children to rock, wiggle, and fidget in the comfort of their seat. From doing homework to sitting down and eating, the wobble chair satisfies your child’s need to move while keeping them focused on their seated tasks.

We've Thought About All The Details:

  • Adjustable Height - The chair grows as your child does. Buy once, keep forever!
  • Perfect Bottom Curvature - Curved enough to rock back and forth comfortably, but not enough to tip over
  • Rubberized Bottom - Rubber bottom prevents scratches on the floor and adds additional stability.
  • Bonus Washable Seat Cover - Soft, comfortable, and easy to wash cover included!

    We've thought about all the little details:

    Adjustable Seat Height
    for growing children

    Children are always growing and active seating options on the market are expensive. Our wobble chair grows with your child, ensuring your investment is stretched out for the long term.

    Cushioned Seat Centre
    for maximum comfort

    Wobble Chairs on the market are made of hard plastic and are not comfortable nor feasible over long periods of time. Our Cushioned centers ensures your child stays  focused and comfortable.

    Rubberized Non-Slip Bottom
    keeping your floors & children safe

    For the most fidgety and sensory seeking children, the rubberized bottom and unique indentation ensures your child won't slip or fall as they wiggle and wobble about in their seat. The rubber also prevents scratches on your floor!

    What's Included

    1 Sensory Wobble Chair

    1 Sensory Nubbed Wobble Cushion + Pump

    1 Washable Seat Cover

    Customer Reviews

    based on 35 reviews

    Wobble chair is great for our wiggly child!

    We have a child who can't sit still during homework so I bought this in hopes that it would help. So far, so good! We've only had it for a few weeks but he... can keep his lower body busy wobbling around while he holds his upper body still enough to complete his work. Since it's a stool it also helps him keep his back straight. What a fun way to get proper posture! The chair was recommended by his teacher so we tried it and we're glad we did! We might get our other kids these chairs if it turns out that they wiggle during homework as well. He can wiggle around or sit on it's edge and it's still stable. No scuffs to our hardwood floors either. Great product! Show More

    Abbie on 10/04/2019  

    Great chairs!

    I teach middle school science. These wobble stools are outstanding! My students love them, as they allow them to wiggle as they work! They are durable and well... built--I am very pleased with their level of quality and sturdiness. Being adjustable in height is extremely helpful.Even teachers like to use these stools during our lunch periods and staff meetings!Our school is looking at buying more of them for other classrooms. Show More

    Rachel M. on 10/03/2019  

    Very sturdy, but not sure how to adjuts

    Bought five of these for my classroom of 6th graders. They seem very sturdy and heavy, which I like so they can sustain the use by 11 year olds. However, they... come in a box without any instructions. They are already put together, but after removing from box and lifting to the height I would need to sit on it (by using a button under the seat), I can't figure out how to lower or adjust the height and pushing the button and lifting up or pushing down does not make it move at all...not sure how to figure out how to adjust them, although I don't really want students adjusting them, I would like to know the secret. Show More

    Claris on 10/02/2019  

    The BEST wobble stools!

    The fact that they are adjustable makes them even more cost effective because one stool can be used with students from kindergarten through adult instead of... having to purchase multiple sizes! I sit on one myself because it helps me keep proper back alignment when I'm typing at my desk. I will definitely be ordering more as my school budget allows. Show More

    Kim G. on 9/28/2019  

    I was hesitate to buy as there were no reviews. Terrific quality and nice looks.

    No surprises, looks exactly as in the picture, and functions very well. There are many competitors in this category, I think this one is safer for kids as no... metal sharp parts are expose (everything is hidden inside the plastic). It is nice to sit at. Show More

    Em on 9/24/2019  

    Excellent product, awesome design!

    An extremely well made product , I was really impressed. As is the case with many types of therapeutic tools, they are not for everyone. My 10 year old son... with Autism is a squirmy little guy, always moving around in his chair, tipping his chair back, etc. However, I was disappointed that this chair was not a solution for him and we had to return it. Nice was the return was hassle-free. Show More

    Sarah G. on 9/23/2019  

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    Wobble chair works for squirming students!

    I read somewhere that active children learn best if they are not required to sit still. I bought this for my highly energized 11 year old granddaughter for... home schooling. She switches between the wobble chair, a balance ball, and a standard chair throughout the day. She is a high achiever and being able to keep moving helps her focus. When the chair arrived she took it out of the box and assembled it herself. No tools required. Show More

    P. K. on 9/20/2019  

    Super well made

    It is VERY well made!I love that is is adjustable. I dislike that it bounces when you first sit on it, unless you have the seat all the way down.

    Danielle on 9/18/2019  

    Just what I wanted!!

    What! No instructions, open the box and your ready to sit and spin! Fantastic! Just one press of the button (on the underside of the seat) to adjust and your... done. Im 52 and actually had to lower the height to fit my needs. Both kids and adults will love this fun, funky chair. I ordered the sea foam, it came exactly like the depicted picture. The one implement I would like to see is maybe a padded seat or various pads you can add to the top. Either way well worth the cost. Show More

    MB on 9/18/2019  

    Great Product

    This is the second stool I purchased from this seller and the quality of this stool has been incredible. It's comfortable and easy to move around and adjust... when needed. Overall this is a good product and affordable compared to other stools out there that don't even adjust. Show More

    Robert B. on 9/16/2019  

    Great product!

    I bought this for my classroom, and I absolutely love it! I teach fourth grade, and I wasnt sure what height to buy, so this adjustable option is great! It... goes up to a height that is even comfortable for me to sit on, and Im 58. It is very sturdy and looks classy. I definitely plan on purchasing some more! Show More

    Rebecca W. on 9/14/2019  

    Great for speech therapy room

    I ordered 2 of these for my speech therapy room in a public school. I serve a variety of children, and having a variety of seating options is fantastic.... The kids can wiggle at the table and still focus on our activities and therapy. The first couple of days drove me crazy, but setting the ground rules, the kids now know what the expectations are when on the stools: 'you can wiggle, you can wobble, but you don't spin around!' :) Show More

    Jessica B. on 9/14/2019  

    Wiggle While You Read!

    I have wanted to purchase Wobble Chairs for a long time. A colleague and myself realized this would be the perfect addition to our classrooms of first graders.... It's been shown that in performing well while reading and doing math, that students that move are able to attend to the learning better. The four chairs I purchased move easily and are very comfortable. The chairs are well constructed and will last many years. The items arrived on time as promised and I look forward to having my students enjoy them as they learn! Show More

    Barbara M. on 9/11/2019  

    I'm obsessed with this wobble stool!

    I bought this to replace my desk chair and I LOVE it! It helps me keep my posture and at the end of the day my back is not aching! I love the wobble and... ability to spin. It's an adjustment - no rolling and it forces me to pay attention to my posture. It takes up a lot less room than my old desk chair and I have a small office. It's the perfect height and is easily adjusted. Love it! Show More

    S. Crow on 9/10/2019  

    My seven-year-old daughter loves her new chair.

    Definitely helps my daughter stay in her seat while she should be eating dinner. She would wiggle so much in her seat that she would fall out of her chair... or her chair with flip over because she would always tip it back to Little. The rubber seat and bass are really nice because theyre not slippery but the construction is a little off on the top of the seat its not flush with the plastic it dips below and above the plastic level. I had to make it clear to my kids that it is not removable and not to try. Show More

    Angelina on 8/22/2019  

    Great service and product

    It was a present for my granddaughter for Christmas and she loves it... Thank you so much

    Debbie on 6/17/2019  

    Great for flexible seating.

    My students love these!

    Kayla Beir on 5/08/2019  

    Seat needs a little cushion, hut great value.

    I love my chair, and how adjustable it is height-wise. My only complaint is that the seat definitely needs a little more cushion, but I've bought an extra... pad to help with that. It could be slightly more wobbly, but that's not a huge deal to me. Show More

    Estelle on 5/06/2019  

    Great for Older Students and Adults Only!

    I bought this exact wobble stool on another site hoping to use it for my 3rd grade classroom.I didnt realize that the seat spins all the way around.

    Chris T on 4/19/2019  

    Classroom Use

    I purchased three of these for us in my middle school classroom. One out of the three came damaged but refund was given promptly which was nice

    Kim M on 4/13/2019  

    beautiful color and very sturdy

    Great item; just be aware that a smaller child will be too light to adjust the stool on their own.

    M Shah on 2/06/2019  

    Adjustable. I'm 5'8 and it adjusts fine for my height."

    Very sturdy and adjustable and the cushioning in the middle of the chair is a bit better than other stools ive tried

    Amanda Tsuchiu on 2/02/2019  

    My son loves it

    I used this to replace a rolling chair for my 10-year-old's desk. Not only does he like it better, but it doesn't risk rolling into (and damaging) the... furniture nearby, which was becoming an issue with the old rolling chair. We are both happy now. :) Show More

    Rupinder Ajiclo on 1/12/2019  

    Love it!

    I bought this after sitting at one of these stools at a school and I felt in love it it!Very comfortable, helps my core and posture. I am one of those... people that cannot sit still, some body part has to be doing something, shake my leg, doodling, tapping my foot. The stool helps me concentrate and love it that the height is adjustable. Even my teenage daughter like it! I am very happy with it! Show More

    Lilly Yang on 1/02/2019  

    Wonderful quality

    Favorite addition to my classroom! They are sturdy and perfect for my 3rd graders all the way to my principal who lives to sit on them!

    J Kayte on 10/28/2018  

    Great stool

    We love it!

    Kaitlyn Proxu on 9/06/2018  

    Great product

    Stool is perfect for my classroom. Read into active seating benefits and thought I would test a wobble chair out.

    Molly H on 9/02/2018  


    Adjustable for various heights of kids through adults, very sturdy. I like that it is less expensive than other models, but works just as well or even better... (the adjustable height is not available on most models). Show More

    Rachel Furrow on 8/31/2018  

    Slippery on hard surface floors

    Hard seat needs a cushion and it tends to slide on my hardwood floor when I sit on it. Other than that very pleased with this product.

    Cheryl on 8/27/2018  

    Great stool

    This was just what I needed for my grandson.

    V Ragan on 8/24/2018  

    Easy to raise up.

    Purchased for a 1st grade classroom, children really love it wish I had a few more, just need funding

    Stacy Rogan on 8/24/2018  

    Durable and well priced!

    While the initial design is intended for younger audiences, this wobble chair is durable and built for adults! It is extremely sturdy and extends to meet any... individuals needs. It is a brilliant product! Show More

    Jason Tocscle on 8/24/2018  

    I like this chair a lot

    I like this chair a lot. I ordered two and one of the adjusting lifts does not work. If both had worked I would have given 4-5 stars. So far kids that have... used it in my classroom love it. Still resolving the lift issue on the second stool. Show More

    Jessica Lassens on 7/30/2018  


    These stools are fun, comfortable, and super cool. Love them.

    Kari Nysather on 5/24/2018  

    Exactly what I wanted

    I can't say enough how much I LOVE this stool! I took it to my class for my own use and all my students wanted to use it. The up and down positioning works... great. The color is beautiful and I'm totally obsessed! Very comfy too. Show More

    Robin Sidhu on 2/26/2018  

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    Help your child stay seated & focused

    Children who have ADHD, sensory needs, or just like to fidget, have the constant urge to move around. This
    isn't because they're misbehaved, but because they have sensory needs they need to satisfy. Unfortunately, this can hinder productivity, such as completing homework in a timely manner or being able to focus on the tasks at hand.

    Senso Minds' unique wobble chair design allows your child to move in the comfort of their seat, allowing them to remain focused and productive.

    The seat which grows with your child

    Our wobble chairs are adjustable, ensuring continued use as your child ages. Buy once, keep forever!

    The Benefits of our
    Wobble Seating Kit

    Provides spatial awareness

    Adjustable height to grow with your child

    Increase child's focus while seated

    Develops muscle tone in core & back.

    Safety Rubberized Bottom

    Cushioned seat for comfort

    Outlet for high energy children

    Great option for
    active seating

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