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Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60" x 40" | 5 - 7 lbs)

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Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60
Kids Calming Weighted Blanket - Includes Sensory Duvet (60

Does your child always fight off bedtime? From restless legs, kicking off blankets, constant tossing and turning, or even emotional events, we all know bedtime can be a battle.

The Senso Minds weighted blanket is here to help! The weight of the blanket, in combination with the super-soft, sensory materials, provides calm and comfort to children, helping them fall asleep faster, and for a longer period of time. The weighted blanket mimics a hug and deep pressure touch - a therapy method proven to reduce high levels of anxiety. 

We've Thought About All The Details: 

  • Square Compartment Design - Evenly sized squares throughout the blanket allow for even weight distribution, rather than the filling bunching up in one corner.¬†
  • Cooling Bamboo¬†- The additional weight of weighted blankets can result in excess heat. This is why we use a cooling, breathable, cooling bamboo material in our blankets - to counteract the additional heat.
  • Bonus Sensory Cover - Minky dotted cover provides tactile sensory stimulation for sensory seekers
  • Washability - The bonus cover makes it unnecessary to wash the blanket itself. Simply remove the cover, and wash the cover only!
  • Choose The Right Size - The rule is to buy a blanket that is 10% of your body weight, plus or minus 2 pounds. For example, if you weigh 50 lbs, the 5 or 7 lbs blanket would work for you.
  • Size - All our blankets measure 60 inches by 40 inches.

We've thought about all the little details:

Square Compartment Design - For Equally Distributed Weight

Evenly sized squares throughout the blanket allows for the filling to be equally distributed, rather than bunching up in one corner

Cooling Bamboo Fabric -
To Prevent Overheating

Bamboo fabric has thermal regulating properties & is less coarse. Our blankets are non-irritating and will not overheat, helping your child sleep better at night.

Minky Duvet Cover- For Sensory Stimulation & Easy Washing

Minky Duvet Cover is designed with sensory dots and comfortable, soft to touch fabric, for those children who seek tactile stimulation. The cover is also super easy to wash!

Customer Reviews

based on 38 reviews

5 Stars

I cannot believe what a restful nights sleep Im now getting! Why didnt I have one of these years ago? Great for any age above 3/4. Great gift for Christmas,... birthday or for when your child goes off to college. Show More

Celina Jacobs on 10/02/2019  

Not the right weight

Was too heavy for my child Show More

Harry G on 9/30/2019  

Helped with sons sleep patterns

Its the perfect size for a 7 year old. Not too hot. We have seen an improvement on his sleep patterns Show More

Kelli B. on 9/29/2019  

Game changer

Very soft and perfect for my 5 year old. Slept through the night on the first night we tried it, after months of waking up nightly. Show More

Gina Moody on 9/26/2019  

great quality

this blanket has been amazing for my son with sensory processing disorder the tabs on the inside did rip a bit but i just added some safety pins and it is... good to go Show More

evelyn on 9/23/2019  


My son is 2 years old and is on the autism spectrum. He always seemed to have trouble staying asleep until I read up on these weighted blankets. Found this... one and it seemed to help him a lot!!! I kid you not he sleeps all night now without waking up. Show More

Jorge Wellington on 9/17/2019  

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Very nice and warm

I liked this blanket so much as its so soft and weighted. My daughter was not able to sleep calming if I am not beside her and giving hug. Bcoz of this... blanket she is sleeping very calmly as this blanket giving pressure so thats she feels like I m sleeping with her and gives her warm feeling. Moreover it comes with removable and washable cover. Surprisingly durable. Show More

Laura B. on 9/16/2019  

Best blanket for sensory needs

My son is autistic and he used to sleep under 5 different blankets because he likes to feel weight on him while he sleeps, I thought of this type of blankets... cause he wears a vest in school thats also weighed and calms him down, I went for this one and I dont regret it, he used this blanket only! Last night and he was very happy and comfortable, slept all night too. Im really happy about this Show More

sabrina on 9/07/2019  

Comfortable and nice weight

I bought this in an effort to help my very sleepless child relax at night. He likes the way it feels on him and we are very happy with the blanket. The... instructions say dry clean only but we had a spill and had to put the whole blanket in the washer. I was nervous that it would ruin it but it turned out fine. Would buy again. Show More

Jessica Riets on 9/05/2019  

Easy to assemble and is a good weight for children

This is for my toddler son. I like that it came with two pieces so the outside can be washed if needed. This has a good weight to it but is not too heavy so... my son can still drag it around when he wants to. The fabric is very soft as well. Show More

Kayla Forder on 9/02/2019  

A good night sleep will he had with this blanket.

My son loves the weight and feel of this blanket. Will often find him in same position when he uses this blanket. It has improved his quality of sleep when... he uses it. He uses it often enough. Some nights he sleeps so heavy he may have an accident. I throw in the wash and do a soak, wash and 2nd rinse to clean it. I find the cover to be a bit annoying, so we dont use it. The size is not suitable for adults to use. My son is 9. Show More

Nilda Clauter on 8/26/2019  

Perfect for ADHD!

My ADHD son went right to sleep with this tonight! It arrived today and when I put it together and showed it to him, he wanted to try it right away. He sat... under it on the couch all evening and wanted it on his bed tonight. He fell right to sleep, which is amazing because he's usually up 3-5 times before he falls asleep. He wants to take it to preschool tomorrow for nap time! Show More

Kerri H. on 8/26/2019  

Just the right size and soft..

Excellent weighted blanket for kids. The cover is soft to the touch and a helpful added sensory experience. The blanket size is just right for my son and... the weight of is just right giving a sense of security and calm. If you have a kid who is anxious frequently or has behavior or sensory issues I recommend trying the blanket. Show More

Kandaloro on 8/25/2019  

Its just ok. There are better ones.

The inside beads bag moves too much in the outside cover, so you have areas that are full off beads and areas without, even with bag tightly secured with... straps. Other brands dont have this issue. Gave it away and bought different brand. Much happier. Show More

LynxZ on 8/24/2019  

Feels very soft

My daughter really likes how the weight of the blanket feels on her and she said its very soft. She did say it gets a little hot under it when shes sleeping.... I live in Georgia where it is still pretty hot out. I will update in a few weeks as it gets cooler out. I think it will be perfect during fall and winter weather. Show More

Izzy on 8/20/2019  

Amazing product!

1, this product is amazing! Super high quality. So my 5 year old is having trouble sleeping through the night. I usedThis on him lastNight and he sleptThrough... the night! The way the weighted blanket ties to the minky blanket to keep it in place, is genius! My son wet the bed and the blanket was wet. I took offThe minky and washed with ease. I have never purchased another weighted blanket, but wont need to. The quality, is amazing with this one. Show More

Devon Weinzel on 8/17/2019  

Feels like a big hug all night.

We bought this for our grandson who gets very anxious at night and did not want to stay in his bed all night. This has given him a sense of security feels... like a big hug all night. My son and daughter in law are very happy that I got this for him he sleeps much better now Show More

Tracey Newman on 8/13/2019  

Great purchase!

I bought this for a 4 year old who doesnt like sleeping all that much. We call it his hug blanket and hes a fan! I like that this one came with a cover and... has ties on the inside to keep the blanket and cover together. Pleased with this purchase! Show More

AJ granderbelt on 7/10/2019  

Soft and perfect weight

Our son loves this! I havent cleaned it yet, but its super soft and the perfect weight for our 7 year old!

Dwags23 on 6/24/2019  

very satisfied

The cover is super soft! We appreciated the ties inside the cover to hold the blanket in place all the way around instead of clumping in one end of the... cover. Our 12 year old sleeps with this to help with his spastic, restless legs that keep him up at night. I can't say he sleeps perfectly now, but there's definitely an improvement. Would recommend to a friend. Show More

Evie Denco on 5/17/2019  

Helpful but this one very warm.

This is my second weighted blanket. This particular blanket is very warm. I think its due to the cover. My other weighted blanket has a similar cover but... it does not hold the heat this one does. So I am now purchasing a cotton cover for the summer. All in all I really feel the weighted blankets are very helpful. Show More

Daureen Ments on 5/12/2019  

Amazing blanket, zipper breaks easily

My 4 year old has sensory processing disorder. We bought this for him to help him with calming. We were very very excited for this. He loved it the minute we... removed it from the package. Unfortunately the zipper broke within hours of opening the package and the covering flips over the blanket itself. The weight does not stay spread out and lumps to the bottom of the blanket. He is still very much in love with this blanket and it does wonders for helping him calm. I wish the zipper didnt break the first day so he could enjoy it the way it was meant to be. Show More

Sarah Cluts on 5/02/2019  

Super good quality

This blanket is super soft and very well made. A bargain I think. So far it has helped my son fall asleep. In fact my husband wants one now lol

Doula Mama on 4/18/2019  

The blanket is soft and washable. Good quality for the price.

I purchased this for my 31/2 yr. old grandson,does not sleep through the night. He has had it for 8 days now and sleeping much better but not 100% yet. My... daughter is pleased with the blanket and has been able to get a little more sleep herself. Actually thinking about buying herself the 15lb. blanket for herself! My grandson calls it his new blanket. Show More

Janace Goodman on 3/28/2019  


While I am happy with the softness, ours came missing the ties on the sides. Without these ties the entire inside slides into the middle and you cannot fix... it unless you lay it flat, grab it and move it back. The beads also slide into one spot making the weight totally off. I wouldn't say I'm happy with this purchase. Show More

Chris Bulinger on 2/04/2019  

Bought 2 more!

My grand daughter loves it but says it is too small! She is 11 years old and weighs close to 60 pounds. Her twin brother also wants one but both want a larger... size. I bought 2 more but size 10 pounds! I am hoping I can get their teen age sister to try one too!!! Everyone seems to love them! Show More

beverly gider on 1/23/2019  

Works great

I ordered this for my son who wakes 5-7 times a night. He now only wakes 2-3 and is able to go back to sleep much faster. It has made a big difference. I... also love that the outside cover can be removed for washing easily. Show More

Melanie DiRezze on 1/12/2019  

So far, so good

I cannot comment on the durability, since we have had the blanket less than a week. So far, though, the efficacy is there. Our 7 year old son with ADHD... immediately said that he felt 'better' under the blanket at bedtime and now carries it with him to relax on the couch during the day. I can update in the coming months, but the blanket has been a huge win in the short term. Show More

Chris Daper on 1/03/2019  

Good, comfy blanket

My son absolutely loved the material and it wasn't too heavy for him, albeit a bit small. Unfortunately, one of the center ties was missing. That's not... enough of an inconvenience to return it, though. Had it been a corner tie, I would have returned the product.Overall, the product lived up to the expectation. Show More

Cicilia Omer on 12/18/2018  


my grandson suffers from sensory issues and apraxia....most night he is very restless and kicks a lot during his sleep. This has been wonderful for him! He's... sleeping better through the night and his kicking has ceased. Thank you for the wonderful product at an affordable price. Show More

Lisa Vanderet on 11/18/2018  

It works !

Our son rarely sleeps through the night. This was a last effort for us !!! He loves the blanket! He has slept 4/5 nights all night ! We couldnt be happier to... have a well rested boy, and mom ! Show More

Kelly Ruthiane on 11/07/2018  

Very comfortable!

I use this blanket for my 3 year old son who has trouble falling asleep since his Dad passed away. His Dad always snuggled with him until he fell asleep and... now he struggles to relax at night. This blanket has helped him get comfortable and relaxed more quickly and easily. We love it! I want one for myself now! Show More

RobbieB on 9/27/2018  

Comforting product

Really helpful for our son. He was experiencing nighttime fits because he wanted us to stay in the room with him rubbing his back until he falls asleep. The... weight of this blanket helped with the same feeling of that and worked very well. Show More

Melissa Fang on 9/05/2018  

Perfect for my ASD son!

My son is 5, nonverbal ASD and SPD. The fabric being soft was so important. Glad I found this one! Not only does he love his new blanket, but it helps... provide the weight/pressure he needs while he is self-calming. He loves it and I do too! Show More

Maurice leslie on 6/21/2018  

Sensory Integration Disorder

My son was recently diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. This blanket in just days has kept him his bed at night. He goes to sleep so much easier! It... gives his body the deep tissue pressure it desires and gives him a sense of being in the bed. Hard to explain in few sentences but I know it was one of the best choice weve for him! Show More

Laurel D on 4/21/2018  

Absolutely amazing! There is obviously some awesome comfort that takes ...

Our autistic granddaughter has trouble shutting down at bedtime. Her Mom put the weighted blanket over her inside her crib the last 4 nights, and she goes... completely still & quite then off to sleep. Absolutely amazing! There is obviously some awesome comfort that takes place. We are so excited about this blanket! Show More

Linda on 4/19/2018  

Comfy, cozy, covered in nubbies!

This blanket is amazing for when my kiddo needs a little reassurance and some calm down time. It is rather heavy and warm, so he doesnt sleep with it on all... night, but its helpful when getting him to calm down while having relaxing on the couch or having quiet time before bed. Show More

Amilio Cour on 3/19/2018  

Great quality, super soft, 5 stars!!

I got this blanket for my 4 year old son.. He doesn't have autism but is a sensory kind of guy and doesn't like to be uncomfortable. I thought he might like... the feeling and maybe it would give him some comfort and help him sleep. He loves it! The quality is great! the stitching is strong. There are sewn in loops for the duvet cover and it doesn't slip at all. The duvet is soft but not hot and I love that is was included, all with prime shipping. It is filled with glass sand rather than poly pellets so it is not bulky or loud. I would definitely recommend this blanket. Show More

Olivia Fists on 2/25/2018  

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Designed to help sensory seekers sleep better

After listening to our customers in the Sensomind's community, we've developed the ideal weighted blanket for any sensory seeking child or individual with sensory needs. With a cooling bamboo fabric, box quilt construction and minky cover duvet, our blanket is sure to keep your child cool, calm and comfortable, ensuring a good night's rest. 

Why weighted blankets?

Our Cooling weighted blankets tout several benefits. Proven already by countless Occupational Therapists and Parents alike, Weighted Blankets provide your child with deep pressure therapy. Almost like the comforting feeling from a hug, our blankets form and mold around your child, reducing anxiety, and provide sensory stimuli to help them get a better night's rest.

The Benefits of our
Cooling Weighted Blanket

Improves sleep

Reduces anxiety
and stress

Deep Pressure 

Cooling Fabric
prevents overheating

Box Quilt prevent
bead bunching

Hygienic - Duvet
Cover is washable

Soft & comfortable
minky duvet

Fabric does not
aggravate tactile

Does this describe your child?

  • Requires constant comforting and company during bedtime?
  • Fidgets, rustles around, and moves endlessly in bed?
  • Is cranky & irritated in the morning due to poor sleep?

If so, your child may need a weighted blanket

You must have some questions...

We've got you covered!

What weight is right for my child?
Will my child overheat?
Is the weighted blanket machine washable?
What is your refund/exchange policy?

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