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Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board

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Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board
Sensory Tactile Kinetic Sand Kit - Includes Prickly Building Blocks & Pin Art Board

Senso Minds' kinetic sand is the perfect sensory toy for your toddler's curious little hands. The kinetic sand is formulated to stick to itself, and not you! It can be molded, shaped and squeezed into any shape you want for hours of fun.

  • Vibrant sand color are stimulating to touch and fun to¬†play with.
  • Molding and squeezing develops your child's fine motor skills.
  • Perfect for creative expression - our sensory sand allow your child to build anything they want.

We've thought about all the little details:

Kinetic Sand is a safe addition to your child's sensory diet

Designed for children who just want to touch and grab anything. Worry free, mess free Kinetic Sand sticks to itself and not your child or surfaces. Satisfy your child's tactile sensory needs with this safe alternative.

Kinetic Sand is calming & soothing
when squeezed, molded, and shaped.

Kinetic Sand is easily moldable, squeezable and formable. Extremely soothing to touch and squeeze, Senso Minds Kinetic sand will keep your child occupied for hours.

Bristle Blocks & Pinart
are stimulating to feel and press on

The bristles from the bristle blocks and pinart are soothing & stimulating to run your fingers over and press. Prevent your child from touching objects they shouldn't with these vibrant and engaging tactile options.

What's Included

50 pcs Bristle Blocks

6 lbs of Kinetic Sand

1 Pinart Board

Customer Reviews

based on 37 reviews

Keeps the kids entertained for hours!

My son got some bristle blocks for Christmas and he loves them so I decided to gift some to my nephew on his birthday. They have been a huge hit with not... just the birthday boy, but his younger brother and older sister as well. Even I like to play with them once in a while and build up some crazy structures. The only issue I've had is symmetry; it's hard to make building's symmetrical due to the design and placement of the bristles (but it's not a big enough issue to warrant removing a star from this review). Show More

Kristen Nikel on 9/22/2019  

Classic and Sturdy!

I had these when I was a child, and my mother always said that these blocks were some of my favorite toys. When my son was younger, though, I don't recall... seeing these. So when I saw them just before his 9th birthday, I decided to buy him a set, and I took a risk that he may think they were too young for him. I'm happy to say that they really aren't! He and his sister (who is almost 8) have had a great time playing with these, and they've brought back some fun memories. Also, I like that they aren't too large or cumbersome to store. Show More

ccgirl on 9/07/2019  

Love love love

My 18 month old has been into mega blocks lately, so I decided to try these. Its the only toy that she has ever gotten that she sat down and played with for... a long time right away. She played for about 45 minutes, and for an 18 month old thats a LONG time. We spent another hour today playing with these. They seem well made and the value is incredible. Im so happy I decided to get these they are great for little minds and hands. When shes not trying to stack them and build shes sorting shapes and colors and chatting away ( not sure what shes saying) BUT the whole time we played the first night she would show me bristle blocks and say WOW, WOW hahaha. Show More

Will Luders on 9/05/2019  


My 3 year old grandson LOVES everything in this bundle does his 10 month old sister!! LOL!!! She LOVES the wheels, and likes to teeth on the flat...pieces on the bristles blocks. My kids had these when they were little, and I remember them being very popular with the kids I babysat, so was THRILLED to find out they were still available for my grandchildren. The pin art was a nice addition but they dont nearly play with that as much as they do with the other products Show More

meames on 8/22/2019  

Kids love them!

Great product. My kids (2&4) love these...and so do I! I remember having them as a kid. Great set for the money.

Erin Murray on 8/22/2019  

Engaged and held attention.

Brightly colored blocks caught the toddlers interest right away. Tactile and sized well for small hands. Kept and held her attention.

Vivian Campbell Goussios on 8/22/2019  

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My 6 year old loves them. So does his daddy!

Bobby on 8/22/2019  

Perfect OT toy!!!

Great for gross and fine motor skill development. Even good for those kids struggling with fine motor skills- as compared to something like the Duplo bricks... that need to be connected in a specific way. These blocks can be connected in lots of ways and at lots of angles. Show More

Leah {A Little Uncommon Home} on 8/22/2019  

Time tested toy is a winner!!!!!

We bought these great blocks for our 1 1/2 year old granddaughter. First off, she loves the texture of these blocks and is constantly trying to figure out... how to put them together. She manages to make shapes that stick together often and then she is so excited. I like that this toy grows with your child. I would buy another set as well as then you can make larger things and it is much more fun. Show More

Kate on 8/22/2019  

Bristle Blocks connect/disconnect easily for young children!

From the moment my almost two year old granddaughter opened this gift, she was engaged with the blocks for more than an hour and the kinetic sand ever since!... She loved it and when she looked through the square open shape, she said it was her window on her barn. Very engaging toy.The pinart was something she tossed aside though but she does come back to it occasionally. The good news however is the kinetic sand is somethign they don't have and is definitely sa step above the play doh hes use to playing with Show More

suzanne murphy on 8/22/2019  

Unique and Fun

I had these blocks as a child and was surprised to see them still available today. My 3 and a half year old son loves making vehicles and buildings with... these. I highly recommend them. Show More

Barbie in ct on 8/22/2019  

Great classic toy!

Great classic toy! Although, I do wish it came with some kind of bag or container like the more expensive sets.This will be easy to add onto as the little... guy gets more detailed with his creations. Show More

Risa M. on 8/22/2019  

Perfect for a Autstic Child!

These were perfect, just what I had hoped for! Perfect for a child with Autism. The bristles they live as well as the colors! What I was hoping for!

BronxSteve on 8/22/2019  

You thought Legos were bad? Just wait until you stumble over one of ...

Moms and Dads.... If... I mean, when you step on one of these, you will curse yourself for buying them. You thought Legos were bad? Just wait until you... stumble over one of these in the dark...All that aside (because we parents will pay for anything to occupy the little ones), my boys love these. They never get bored. They're 1.5 yo and 3 yo. The Kintec sand is also a hit amongst the boys jsut gotta make sure it stays away from the blocks Show More

Tish Keibler on 7/05/2019  

Entertaining and fun for the whole family

We LOVE these blocks. I have a 2.5 year old son and was trying to find him some blocks he could use to create interesting shapes with that would be easy for... his small hands to connect. These are perfect! Easy to connect (there was a little bit of a learning curve at first but he caught on quick), and so many possibilities! He has already figured out how to create a few animals and his own version of himself, which is cute. He has also created many airplanes. It makes him feel very accomplished and proud of himself. Show More

Rosie Lynn Dana on 6/26/2019  

My daughter just turned 2 and LOVES these

The kinetic sand was the main purchase, 6lbs, come on dont have to ask me twice. But I hadn't really known about bristle blocks - I grew up with Duplos and... Legos - but noticed my daughter playing with them constantly at daycare. She can, and does, play with Duplos now, but the interlocking of the bristle blocks is a different way to build that provides a lot of sensorimotor feedback and really seems to feed right into her developing brain. I've played with her with them a lot, and appreciate how they can be used by little kids, but distinguishing and matching the gaps to the rows provides an opportunity for continued learning as their fine motor skills develop.This box is a full starter set for imaginative play. Lots of wheels, which I can tell older kids appreciate. Show More

Tyler McConnell on 4/28/2019  

Good for little hands to work on building, hide smaller pieces until older

I remembered these from my childhood and when I saw some older ones at my sister's house I felt like I had to have them for my own son.I chose to buy new... instead of looking for them at yard sales because the older ones had more stiffness to the bristles and were breaking off.I got these for my baby (younger than one) because it is easier for him to put them together than other blocks. They do have smaller pieces like the wheels that I took out and put away because they were mouth size.I kind of wish there were instructions with them though, because I wasn't (still not really) sure how some of the pieces work that look weird. Show More

Jessica Pilling on 4/28/2019  

Fun product

Good amount of blocks for the price. The first time I submitted the review it was supposed to have five stars not one. Sorry great product

G Scans on 4/28/2019  


My toddler loves it, he is 2 1/2 and can play for hours! The pin art he seems to be more fascinated by. He loves puttin it on his face and looking at the... shape it makes. Gotta make sure it doesnt hurt his eyes but its been fine so far! Show More

Nassi on 4/28/2019  

My 2 year old doesn't leave me alone for 5 seconds but at least we have something fun to do while she's all up in my business

Bristle blocks are the bees knees. My 2 year old doesn't leave me alone for 5 seconds but at least we have something fun to do while she's all up in my... business. Highly recommended.Once she put two together and didn't yell at me. These might have magic in them. Show More

Dana Jingua on 4/28/2019  

My almost 3 year old plays with them every day

These are great for a 3 year old with lots of imagination! good quality and he plays with them every day! They only problem I find is that the wheels keep... falling off when he/we build cars, airplanes, etc. I bought 2 sets so he has more pieces of the big ones, you can't really build too many things without those. It comes with a ton of small ones and in my opinion not enough of the big blue and green ones, but overall I would recommend this product. Show More

Amazon Customer on 4/28/2019  

Todler underwhelmed

Bad news. Our 2 1/2 year old grandson was, sadly, underwhelmed with the blocks. He loves blocks, so I thought he'd like these, too. It turns out they even... have these at his preschool, but he wasn't interested in these (or the ones at preschool, either.) Every other type of block he likes; maybe these just aren't any fun to tip over--which is half the fun, as we all know. Show More

Lin Nguyen on 4/28/2019  

They dont stick together easily!

I thought they would be easy for my 3 year old grandson to assemble. However they really dont stick together so needless to say it was more frustrating than fun.

Tekabonika on 4/28/2019  

Great product, kids love them - safe too

These blocks were a huge hit when my kids were toddlers and are now a hit with our grandchildren. Same quality as the old product our kids grew up with just,... prettier colors now and much more expensive. No sharp pieces to worry about and so many options for creative building. Hope to get another set to expand our building options. Show More

DRG on 4/28/2019  

Good product good quality

My 20 month ,4 year old and 5 year old play with it together. It has a lot of pieces and it's good for there imagination. It's good quality. And I was very... happy with the price I got it on the mommadeal for $10 Show More

Lori on 4/28/2019  

Excellent buy!

This set is a great buy! No small pieces so its suitable for 2 and up. This set encourages creativity and learning - well worth the money spent.

Liz Henderson on 4/28/2019  

So much fun

You can't go wrong with Bristle Blocks or kinetic Sand. Fun for the grandkids, their parents, and ME! We added this to a set of the Spinaroos, so we had... some silly 'people' to climb into the vehicles and castles that we built Show More

Grifin staskos on 1/31/2019  

Only issue is missing pieces.

Kinetic sand, we've seen on TV however never ordered. The value of 6 lbs for the price was too good to pass up. Surprinsingly though, my child (2 year old... with SPD) seemed to love the bristle blocks a bit more. Ill find him rubbing his fingers across the blocks and rubbing it on his cheek. Same goes for the pin art, but i swear these blocks are something else. WOuld love to make the collection larger Show More

Amazon Customer on 1/31/2019  

Liked it so much I bought it twice.

I've bought two of these. My nephew, who's 2, loves them. My kids loved playing with them so much I bought some for them. I like these much better than legos.... I will say they do take some pushing to get them to stick so my daughter (2 years old) has to work or get some help from her older brother to get these to stick sometimes. Perfect number and a reasonable price. Show More

eslewis on 1/31/2019  

Great for creativity and little ones who love to build

My son loves this bundle pack.The kinetic sand, he'll just squsih and make into shapes! WIsh it came iwth molds like the ones you see on tv, but at the end... of the day it makes him more creative with the shapes he molds himself. He creates so many different things with them. We tend to keep these in. a separate bin from the kinetic sand however just so sand doesnt get stuck in the bristles. The kinetic sand just flows through their fingers though! Show More

miss faith on 1/31/2019  

great toy lots of fun for my kids even though ...

great toy lots of fun for my kids even though they're still a little too young to reaally build anything they still enjoy the attaching each piece

Peter Yang on 1/31/2019  

Great idea but blocks don't stick well...

I really like the idea but the blocks are kind of hard to stick to each other, esp. the wheels. Other than that the variet yof the bundle kit does give my... son the stimulation he needs because the bristles and pin art are intriguing to touch! Show More

Mish Kurana on 1/31/2019  

The best building blocks for toddlers

The best building blocks for toddlers. I remember these from when I was a little girl. My boy loves them just as much as I used to. While megablocks are... still difficult to handle for a young toddler, these are easy to put together and also offer a great sensory experience.The wheels are the only thing I don't like about this set. They come apart too easily. My son wants me to build him cars all the time but the wheels keep falling off when he tries to play with them and he gets very frustrated. Right now I'm just hiding the wheels. Show More

Stacia Jubilee on 1/31/2019  

Loves to build

My daughter has so much fun with these! She started playing with them at the library and now that she has them at home, She builds daily

V. Cadwell on 1/31/2019  

easy for little hands to connect and pull apart.

Great for little son loves Duplos, but he cannot connect blocks together yet. Bristle blocks are much easier to attach, and are therefore much more... forgiving when little hands don't have them perfectly lined up. My son can attach and pull apart pieces on his own, which he does repeatedly, with squeals of delight. Show More

Jenna DiGi on 1/31/2019  

Niece and Nephew love them!

These blocks are an imaginative toy! My 3 year old niece and 6 year old nephew both love playing with them. There is enough variety in this box to create... all kinds of masterpieces! Show More

Salamander_girl on 1/31/2019  

decent although sometimes frustrating

Kids don't love them as much as I thought... but they aren't bad. My youngest gets a little frustrated cause they fall apart easily sometimes... but still... fun and imaginative. I would buy them again. Show More

JC on 1/31/2019  

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Stimulating to the touch kinetic sand

Senso Minds' kinetic sand is cooling and smooth to touch, squeeze and mold.  In the hands of children and adults alike, the tactile sensations are soothing and satisfying to tactile sensory processes.

For sensory seekers especially who love to touch, grab and feel any surface or object, kinetic sand is non-toxic, safe alternative to keep their curious hands busy!

Squeezable, moldable & formable

Sensominds' kinetic sand oozes and flows right before your eyes. Molding and forming into any shape, this sand is sure to stimulate your child's creativity, all while developing fine motor skills.

The Benefits of our
Tactile Sensory Kit

Develop fine-motor skills 

Great for Tactile

Soothing to
touch and feel


Child-safe & free of toxins


outlet for energy

Develops hand grip strength

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