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Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs

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Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs
Sensory Earmuffs Kit - Includes Noise Reducing Earplugs

Our noise blocking earmuffs are capable of attenuating loud harmful noises while letting ambient ones through. Designed specifically for children with sensory processing disorders, help your child find their focus and concentration in even the loudest environment.

  • Compact design for ease of storage and portability
  • Soft foam-filled ear cushions apply significantly less pressure
  • Adjustable headband allows earmuffs to grow with your child

We've thought about all the little details:

Comfortable & Soft 
Ear Cushion Design

Extra Cushioning is soft enough for prolonged use, but firm enough to attenuate background noise and harmful sounds!

Headband for snug fit 

The adjustable arms and flexible head band ensures for a snug, molded fit as your child grows. Protect your child's hearing during crucial years of growth and development.

Bundle pack is designed for
hearing protection

Both the ear muffs have an SNR of 27 dB meaning they will attenuate harmful loud sounds, but still allow your child to hear your voice when being spoken too!

What's Included

1 Noise Blocking Earmuffs

1 Noise Reducing Earplugs

Customer Reviews

based on 9 reviews

Super Stylish Headphones/Noise Protection That Works Great!

I used to own another brand of children's headphones/hearing protection, but my 3-year-old daughter didn't like wearing it and I personally thought they were... ugly. These headphones definitely stand apart and look awesome! The quality seems good - especially the head strap. The packaging is nice too. Now that my daughter has a pair that she thinks looks cool, she practically wants to wear it all the time which is a lifesaver for our family because our daughter has a fear of loud noises (fireworks, thunder, football games). I really like the unique white head strap and colorful design on the ear cups. The headphones are comfortable for my daughter and it does a great job of blocking out loud noises so she can get through loud environments comfortably. It's nice being able to take her out and about without her looking like someone who belongs on an airport tarmac. Rather, she looks way hipper than me and my wife! Show More

Josh on 9/30/2019  

Awesome buy!

These are perfect! Used them on the fourth of July and there were large fireworks going off very nearby. All the other babies screamed while ours enjoyed they... must be comfy because she never fought to take them off and fell asleep with them on before the show was over. This is a good product! Show More

Richard G. on 9/27/2019  


Taking a 3yr old to see his fav heavy metal band in concert. We weren't sure he would even try them on. But no ear protection was out of the question. He is... out of the terrible 2's, but headlong deep into the 'I'm the boss of you 3's'. I tried each pair on myself to see how comfortable & decided to show him these 1st. These were a HUGE hit! Once he heard the band's warming up, we immediately put them on him & that child wore them for 5.5 hrs! He also wears glasses & it didn't bother him at all! It made him a very happy 3yr old. I HIGHLY recommend them for loud concerts! Oh, and for those wondering if your child will be able to hear you at all...they can if your talking right up against the headphones. Show More

Jenn L. on 9/19/2019  

Perfect and cute!

My son has sensory processing disorder and while he loves to make noise, noisy situations outside of his control stress him to the max. We always have these... handy in our bag anywhere we go. They fit him (2yr old) as well as my older children and even I can fit into them. They do muffle noise very very well. We did have a situation where one of the ear pieces came off but it was easily fixed and hasnt happened since. The quality is super nice and the fact that they have held up superbly to his heavy handness says a lot. We should be able to get years of use! Show More

Lightlove on 9/02/2019  

Best childrens headset!

We live on 5 acres and I spend a ton of time during the spring and summer on our mower. My 4 and 1 year old boys have ridden on the mower with me since birth.... We had a set of headphones and thought they were pretty good until we purchased a pair and they don't even compare. These are much softer around the head and cover the ears better without any gaps. They fit both of our kids very well and don't leave any red marks on the face, like our other ones do. Show More

T. Joiner on 9/01/2019  

Worth it

My 3.5 yo was afraid of blenders during his cooking class, and also seemed to get a little unruly during preschool when there was unstructured time and the noise... level rose. We got these hoping to at least help with the blenders, but it also helped him calm down during preschool! He loves them and calls them is robo ears. He's not on the spectrum, just has sensitive hearing. We've had them 6 months and he asks to wear them regularly. We're buying another pair for our 2yo who frequently tries to fish them out of her brothers backpack. Show More

Garrett P. on 8/28/2019  

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Difficult for my son to wear

While I understand that this type of ear protection needs to be tight, these seem to be slightly too tight. I got these for my autistic 1 year old - he loves... temple pressure so I didn't think it would be a big deal. Show More

litelnole on 8/21/2019  

Will be buying another pair for our next son!

We transitioned our toddler to these from his infant hearing protection headphones. Living with Walt Disney World in our backyad, we visit for nighttime fireworks,... parades, and shows on a regular basis. My son now requests these as soon as he knows there is going to be something loud. They are comfortable for him to wear for extended periods of time, and seem to be able to adjust to his growing cranium quite well. Show More

E. Oppie on 8/20/2019  

Teacher highly recommends, better than Banz

Got these for some of my 2nd graders who need sensory support. Using them as a tool for students to use to focus during independent work time as well as for... helping students with behavior challenges. They are definitely the most well-made and stylish earphones/muffs Ive purchased, so it shouldnt be tough selling the kids on wearing them. They are more streamlined (less bulky), padding is MUCH softer, and they fit snuggly and are therefore very comforting to wear. Tried them on with my glasses and they fit comfortably. Havent tested for use over an extended period of time yet as I just got them, but they seem very durable. Its worth the investment 10 times over for my students, headphones/muffs that actually help them focus and keep calm, I think I may get 4 more pairs to keep in my classroom as tool for any of my students to use when they would like to create a peaceful space for themselves in what is in an often loud classroom. I cant put a price on self-regulation as a teacher, I would have paid double for these if it meant I can keep my students with challenging behaviors mellowed out...we all learn better when that happens! Show More

Tonia B. on 9/17/2018  

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Protect your little one's ears from harmful noises

As our children's ears are still developing, loud noises can aggravate and even damage your child's hearing. Finding ways to protect your child's ears and sensory processes can be as simple as a pair of noise attenuating headphones or earplugs!

Helping sensory seekers tune out the noise

For children with sensory issues, hyperactive hearing and auditory processes is an issue. Whether it be a large crowd, a talkative classroom, or a firework show these environments can be an assault on a child's sensory processes.

Help regulate and minimize these sounds with Sensominds' noise attenuating headphones and help them focus on what truly matters.

The Benefits of our
Auditory Protection Kit

No more missed

Protects your

Regulates Auditory


Increases Focus
& Concentration

Attenuates ambient

Reduces anxiety
& stress

to wear

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