Senso Minds

Baby Training Cups

Perfect Open Cups to transition

off of bottle feeding & drinking!

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Sensory Teether Tubes

Hollow & flexible tubes provide

perfect amount of teething relief!


Foodie Teether Tubes

Perfect for fussy eaters!

Introduce healthy whole foods!


Sensory Chew Necklaces

Chew Necklaces for

Sensory Seeking Children


As Seen On

The Original Chew Necklace!

Children with sensory needs chew on everything, from their pencils, shirt collars and even their fingers. Sensory chewing necklaces provide a safer and more satisfying outlet for your child's sensory needs!


Lil' Foodie Chew Teethers

Lil' Foodie Chews is a Senso Minds flagship line - hollow, soft & flexible, Lil' Foodie Chews are sure to soothe teething gums & satisfy sensory needs!


Sensory Stimulating Teether Tubes!

Sensory Teether Tubes designed to soothe teething gums & satisfy sensory seeking toddlers!


Testimonials from the senso minds family

...It helps little Bennett with his daily sensory needs. So instead of accidentally biting his shirt or a toy, it helps to keep him calm and go on with the day!


We are all about those sensory chews for oral sensory needs. @sensominds minds has a great pack to meet those needs!


This is ryker... he has this sensory thing where he chews on his shirts...we found these sensory necklaces, so he can chew on this instead of his shirts and he loves them !


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