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To create a world less overwhelming for children with sensory needs.

- The Senso Minds Promise

Sensory Chewing Necklaces - A Safer Outlet For Sensory Seekers

Do you have a chewer on your hands? Children with sensory needs chew on everything, from their pencils, shirt collars and even their fingers. Sensory chewing necklaces provide a safer and more satisfying outlet for your child's sensory needs!

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Sensory Self Help Busy Boards - Fine Motor Development

Sensory busy boards are designed to captivate your child for hours, while simultaneously developing important life skills
Our sensory busy board helps develop your child's self help skills and fine motor capabilities. Increase your child's independence and make your mornings a little less chaotic with our Sensory Busy Board.

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For every 10 units sold of any item, we donate 1 to the Womenspace organization. Our donations help provide a sense of calm and comfort to children suffering from PTSD and anxiety after witnessing domestic violence.

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